Friday, May 25, 2018

US Rep Meeks Speaks Out On The Cancelling of The North Korea Summit, Rockaway Beach Closing, And Bank Legislation

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This Week's Updates From US Congress Member Greg Meeks

From the Office Of US Congress member Greg Meeks

Rep. Meeks Statement on Trump Cancelling N Korea Summit

Washington, DC - May, 22nd, 2018, U.S. Representative Gregory W. Meeks, senior member of the Foreign Relations committee, issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s letter to Kim Jong Un cancelling the North Korean Summit:

“Today’s announcement by President Trump, declaring that our summit with North Korea has been canceled, is as unsurprising as it is alarming. Given the rapid deteriorations of talks with North Korea, and the lack of a clear strategy or diplomatic groundwork laid out by this administration in Pyongyang, our North Korean mission was always on the verge of collapse.  

“Though I have long cautioned against celebrating these talks too early, it was in my hope, and all our hopes, that an agreement to denuclearize North Korea would be reached through the tireless efforts of President Moon of South Korea. More concerned with spectacle than substance, President Trump undermined that goal by prematurely agreeing to a summit, before the nuances and demands of both parties could be assessed.

“Nothing exemplifies the complexities of these kinds of deals more than the JCPOA, which took years of multilateral negotiations to accomplish. Contrary to what the President has said, diplomacy is hard work. That is why it was so reckless to pull out of the Iran deal, and why the President is now struggling to reach a deal with North Korea.

I urge President Trump not to give in to more nuclear saber-rattling, but engage North Korea with a more methodic diplomatic approach. Through bilateral relations with President Moon, the cancellation of the summit can be an opportunity to let our State department first work out a framework for a deal.

“An historic meeting of heads of state should be leveraged so as to finalize a deal, not kindle the beginnings of one.”

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Rep. Meeks Calls Emergency Meeting to Address Rockaway Beach Closure

Washington, DC - May, 22nd, 2018 U.S. Representative Gregory W. Meeks issued the following statement regarding the surprise announcement by the City that it will be closing Rockaway beach from 91st to 102nd St.:

“I am both surprised and dismayed by the City’s announcement that the busiest stretch of Rockaway beach will be closed this summer. This is a failure on the part of the City to alert lawmakers with sufficient time to act, and a failure to communicate with the community.

“Since Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Rockaways, I have worked side by side with the Army Corps of Engineers to allocate millions in funding to study, repair, and safeguard our coast from future storms. While I understand that an unprecedented four Nor’easters impacted New York this spring, the need for sand replenishment should have been identified sooner so that a solution could have been reached.

“The City must make clear the process by which it assesses coastal erosion and informs elected officials and the public. In addition, I am calling for an emergency meeting with the City, the State, and the Army Corps of Engineers to explore options available this summer, whether we can expedite current plans to build groynes along the ocean front and back bay, and relief for local businesses affected by this abrupt closure.”

Rep. Gregory W. Meeks Releases Statement on his Opposition to Banking Bill

Washington, DC - Today, senior member of the Financial Services Committee, Representative Gregory W. Meeks, voted in opposition to the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155).  Rep. Meeks issued the following statement on his vote in opposition to S. 2155:

“In my twenty years of Congress, I have had to take a number of difficult votes on comprehensive legislation that only passed through Congress because of compromise.  Today’s vote on S. 2155 is no different, especially as a New Yorker that represents one of the most racially and ethnically diverse districts in the nation, including professionals that work in the financial services industry and blue collar workers alike. In fact, one of my main goals over the years has been to better align the private interests of Wall Street with the public interests of Main Street, because the two cannot survive without the other.

“My decision to vote in opposition to S. 2155 came about after much deliberation since the bill includes many provisions I support.  For example, the bill includes language from House bills that are supported by minority-owned banks and credit unions which are institutions that continue to drive economic development in underserved communities. These institutions have legitimate regulatory burden concerns. 

“S. 2155 also includes an important provision I co-sponsored that would encourage the consideration of alternative data – including a borrower’s on-time payments of rent, utilities, and cell phone bills – in the mortgage underwriting process. This provision could help make homeownership a reality for individuals who would otherwise have too scant of credit histories to qualify for a traditional 30-year mortgage in today’s market.

“Unfortunately, my conscience could not bring me to vote in favor of S. 2155 largely because of the bill’s exemption for a majority of banks from important mortgage disclosures enacted to detect discriminatory practices.  My fear is that this provision will only assist the Trump Administration in its overall effort to curtail important civil rights regulations that foster greater trust in the financial sector and ensure a level playing field for good actors in the market.   

“Just today, it was reported that the so-called Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mick Mulvaney, is considering watering down how regulators enforce the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the civil-rights era anti-discrimination law. Last week, the Housing and Urban Development Secretary made a similar announcement with respect to weakening fair housing rules.  I must consider S. 2155 within this broader context. 

“In good conscience, I simply cannot vote for any proposal that would help this Administration chip away at laws that I and my colleagues – both past and present – worked so hard to enact and preserve.  Such a vote would go against the very core of what I stand for.”

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