Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Get the Latest Scoop On How This Black Owned Laundromat Is Helping Local Residents Fight COVID-19

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Well Regarded Community Based Black-Owned Laundromat Expands To Offer COVID-19 Clean Up Services
Reach Metro Laundry Delivery Service at: 516-234-9187

While COVID-19 infections and deaths in NYC are in sharp decline, the sharp incline in cases nationally, who have eased restrictions on lifestyle issues like masks, gloves, and good cleaning procedures illustrates the point -- we should continue to be careful and vigilant fighting the Coronavirus. A local Black-owned laundry service Metro Laundry Service, is looking to clean up the Coronavirus spread in Southeast Queens.

New York City, was the most adversely impacted area by COVID-19. Also Queens was once the most adversely impacted area in New York City.  The Metro Laundry Service, located at 196-16 Linden Blvd, in Jamaica, Queens, 11412 (Call: 516-234-9187), is stepping into the mix to offer pickup laundry cleaning services to keep residents safe practicing social distancing by customers not having to take trips to the laundry in person.

Metro Laundry Service was founded by Maxine Howell, and has been in existence since October of 2011. Starting her business in 2011 made sense because all nine of her children were no longer depending on her raising them. The thought of going back to work as nursing assistant was not something she looked forward to so she decided to add a valuable service to our community.

With the spread of COVID-19 she is working harder to stop the spread by providing a high quality environmentally friendly laundry service where people in our community don't have to defy social distancing guidelines when visiting a laundromat and therefore avoid the risks associated with large numbers of people in closely contained spaces in NYC.