Thursday, September 18, 2014

Making 54 Look Good - Jamil Miller

Signature Jamil Miller Power Poise
Jamil Miller is making her mark in natural bodybuilding. She is taking the industry by storm. Jamil is 54 years of age today and is winning national bodybuilding contests with a short intense workout regime. She is a resident of Southeast Queens, New York, who is soon moving to Arizona next month to expand a workout franchise she has been partnering with in the past. Recently she won the Hercules Natural Bodybuilding Championship in NYC in the Women's Division.

Jamil has come a long way in bodybuilding from over 7 years ago when she started.  Miller the former legal secretary was over 215 pounds but pounded her way into world class fitness condition with will power, 20 minutes of intense training a day, and a very effective meal plan.  Over the years she has become a highly sought after personal trainer employing a highly effective and exclusive fitness system which doesn't require hours in a gym to reap outstanding results.

Jamil says she has been most inspired by weight related illnesses and deaths in her family which encouraged her to change to a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. Ms. Miller has 2 sons and 6 1/2 grand children.  She says "she has 6 1/2 grand children because there's one on the way." 

People close to Jamil affectionately call her "Glam Ma."  Jamil known for her quiet but intense demeanor, no doubt will be missed in the NYC area where she has many loyal clients and fans.

Jamil has been a fitness and meal planing mentor of mine and helped me change my diet.  I feel much better and lost a lot of body fat.  On the meal plan she gave me and my daughter it has helped her lose 20 pounds in less than a year.

She says she looks forward to new challenges, accomplishments, and warmer weather in Arizona.  Although Jamil has fond memories of NYC she states with a jovial smile "I'm outchea!"  We're sure Arizona will warm up to her fitness business.  Good luck Jamil.  Follow Jamil on her website or Facebook.  By Kamau Austin exclusive to the Southeast Queens Scoop.  

Jamil Miller Exudes the Spirit at Church

Jamil Miller with her Friend Lifestyle Icon B Smith
Jamil "Glam Ma" Miller Posing in a Bodybuilding Competition

Jamil Miller's Latest Trophy the 2014 INBF Hercules
Open Women Heavyweight 1st Place