Friday, January 29, 2021

See How Jazz Sensations Ed Jackson And Willie Martinez Look To Inspire From SE Queens

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Jazz Sensations Ed Jackson And Willie Martinez Look To Inspire From SE Queens
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January is the beginning of the New Year and already it has been a jolting one.  Last year we survived and continue to thrive besides some challenging times to say the least.  We've lost some giants of legacy recently like Hank Aaron and Cicely Tyson.

While the war continues to wage with the pandemic and social unrest continues to be a concern we see some light at the end of the tunnel.  In fact we have to be that light in stormy cloudy times.  Jazz as an invigorating musical artform can illuminate better things for the future.

Music has always had the ability to reflect and change the tenor of the times.  As we not long ago commemorated the life of the drum major for justice - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy "We Won't Let Nobody Turn Us Around," as the ole negro spiritual proclaimed.

The hot spot for jazz in Queens, NY, Jackson Room, won't let nobody or anything turn them around from motivating our community, and now the world with their invigorating vibes of jazz!

Ed Jackson, and his jazz club won't be deterred in their mission to bring world class jazz to our Southeast Queens community - and now share the Jackson Room Jazz experience with the world.  They will be using streaming technology to forge ahead with their Month's End Motivations.

So Let's get this joint jumping in January with Latin Jazz from a favorite of Jackson Room, performance acts: the Willie Martinez Trio!  Ed Jackson, the club owner for the jazz hotspot, will be featured as  his special featured guest.

You won't want to miss this riveting performance with talented Latin Jazz group The Willie Martinez Trio and Special Guest Ed Jackson streamed to you in live video from the Jackson Room, in NY on Saturday, January 30th at 8:30PM EST. / 5:30PM PST. Jump-Start your January 2021 With Latin Jazz! To order your tickets click here

Ed Jackson, Sax Player Extraordinaire And Club Owner Jackson Room