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Get The Scoop On How Ballooning UP Parties Is Serious Business For Andrea O' Brien

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Andrea O'Brien Blows UP
Fun Parties With
"A Touch Of Balloons!"

Andrea O'Brien doesn't seem like a party girl.  She is an educated professional in business, technology and accounting. However she is an innovator in "BALLONing UP" a party or event.
Blowing up parties to be fun and setting the right atmosphere is serious business to her.  She is the Founder of Just A Touch Of Balloons, and she doesn't play around!  Andrea wants your party or event to be unforgettable!

She puts the goals of her clients first and foremost when creating balloon party displays.  O'Brien is very customer friendly and works diligently to focus on their tastes and needs.

Taking into account her client goals, budgets, and even for company events their brand awareness O'Brien is on a mission to balloon party events into a buoyant vibe.  This to me would be one of my first intriguing interviews for 2024.

I couldn't take no for an answer when looking to persuade Andrea to talk to me about her business passion.  Checkout her interesting exclusive interview below... 

Exclusive Interview with Andrea O'Brien and Just A Touch Of Balloons Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Exclusive Interview with
 Andrea O'Brien and
Just A Touch Of Balloons
Continues Below...

Kamau's Question:
 Andrea thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to talk with me.  You have a very interesting business story in an untraditional business for someone with your background.

Andrea, can you tell me a little about your background? Like where you grew up, maybe went to school, and the area your business is located?

Andrea's Answer:
I am originally from Belize City and I moved to the USA when I was 28 years old.  I have my Associates Degree in Business Administration majoring in Economics and Accounting from the University Of Belize and my Bachelors in Information System Management from Berkeley College.

Before I came to the US, I was working for the Belize Police Department for 6 years as a civilian processing casefiles and entering it into their system.   My business is located in Queens, New York, and I service the 5 boroughs of New York.

Kamau's Question: Who or what inspired you to take the leap of faith and go into your special event balloon design business? What are the services and products you provide?

Andrea's Answer: My mother and close friends inspired me to take a leap of faith in myself.  They were the ones that were whispering words of encouragement and admiration when they saw the final product of my masterpieces.

My installs/designs are targeted to fit each consumer's budget which includes centerpieces, classic columns, crazy towers that can be personalized with a special message and match the colors of your company and company logos.  Balloon bouquets for milestones such as birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Sweet 16 and much more.

Arches for podiums, graduations, grand openings, and as well arches for entryway. There’s no install that is too small or too big that I would not be able to assist you with.
Click Image Above for LARGER Pic

Kamau's Question: What makes your balloon design and arrangement business unique from other balloon design arrangement entrepreneurs?

Andrea's Answer:  My balloon designs and arrangements are different from others because I use premium professional quality brands for all my installs which when inflated last longer and more durable.  I provide specialty support, create an exceptionally great customer experience, that will meet your needs, and build a reputation for my customers to want to come back for other events

Click Image Above for LARGER Pic

Kamau's Question: Can you tell us about some of your goals and plans for the future of your business?

Andrea's Answer:  My goals and plans for the future is to expand my business whereby I can hire employees, build my brand, increase my skills to offer more designs to my customers, improve on my overall sales performance and grow and attract new customer base. I want people in Queens and my surrounding neighbors to know me as the girl that creates personalized balloons in Queens.

Click Image Above for LARGER Pic

Kamau's Question:  What are some of the exclusive business services or products you provide?

Andrea's Answer:  
My balloons add a magical touch to your event, and at Just A Touch Of Balloons, I bring your vision of what you are looking for to life.  My installs will excite and thrill not only you, the customers, but will have your guests in awe with beautiful and glamorous multicolor balloons.

I add a touch of personalization to your custom columns, with logos and personalized words, something that cannot be bought at a high-end store that caters the same products/services to all their customers.  I build my installs on themes and colors to fit my customers’ needs and is budgeted to what they can afford.

I offer payment plans  for your purchases and most importantly- confidentiality.  Just A Touch Of Balloons is not just about balloons, it’s about seeing that first impression on his/her/their faces that will last a lifetime.

Click Image Above for LARGER Pic

Kamau's Question: What is the best way to contact you and obtain your services?

Andrea's Answer:  
The best way to get in touch with me for my services are:

1.       Our Inquiry Form: Click Here   

2.       Email:

3.       Phone/text: 917-600-8919

Please Note I do not accept requests through Direct Messages (DM).  Majority of the time, I don’t see the messages.

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