Friday, December 9, 2022

Can Claims Of Reverse Racism Be Defused In A Parable?

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Charges of Reverse Racism Are
Answered With My Parable On Bullying
Promoting Clera’s Creative Gifts Drove Someone To Accuse Me Of Reverse Racism

By Kamau Austin, Publisher The Southeast Queens Scoop

As you know our publications have a goal to help Black businesses, community organizations, and cultural organizations raise awareness so they can be financed or supported by our community.  We can't expect others to support us if we can't support ourselves.

We aim to do the opposite of mainstream media and show the positive things that our people do in our communities especially to advance and enhance our neighbors.  However, there are times where conservative whites or others try to use our civil rights terminology and language against us by charging "reverse racism" when we advance Black organizations and causes.

I like to deal with data and facts.  However, recently I felt like giving parables or a storied analogy to someone who accused me of reverse racism for promoting a Black holiday gift-wrapping business Clera’s Creative Gifts during the Christmas Holidays.  This business uses afrocentric and Black images for their gift wrapping products.

Below is the parable I shared with them...