Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Checkout The Country’s First Entrepreneurial Workshop Returning To Queens to Teach How to Grow a Profitable Business

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Workshop in Business Opportunities, Inc. (WIBO) Ramps UP It’s 54th Year Providing Their Highly Regarded 16 Weeks Program On “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business” In Southeast Queens.

Workshop in Business Opportunities, Inc. (WIBO) begins it’s 54th year of teaching their 16 weeks “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business” at Rochdale Village Community Center in Rochdale Village.

New York, NY September 3, 2019 -- Beginning Wednesday, September 18th, Rochdale Village Community Center, Workshop in Business Opportunities also referred to as WIBO, will launch their 54th year of workshops teaching new and existing entrepreneurs how to build profitable, successful businesses in 5 New York City locations.

WIBO helps individuals who want to build profitable businesses to provide for themselves and their families via their business. This often applies to:

  • women
  • individuals recently released from prisons
  • individuals from communities that lack access to knowledge, networks, and capital and
  • African Americans and Latinos trying to close the historic wealth gap.

Starting or growing a business is something that many people struggle with and this entrepreneurial workshop helps individuals overcome various obstacles as well as guide them to a successful path in starting or growing an existing business.

Workshop in Business Opportunities was developed in 1966 by Walter Geier and Mal Woolfolk to enable small business owners from underserved communities obtain financial success by starting, operating, and building successful businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs and improve communities.

Since the 1st workshop that graduated 12 African Americans in Harlem, WIBO has graduated more than 18,000 entrepreneurs where 75% of WIBO grad’s businesses were up and running within a year of taking the program, and 42% of businesses saw an increase in revenue after taking the WIBO program.  Some WIBO graduates are running their businesses for more than 25 years, a testament to how valuable the WIBO workshop is for its participants. 

The New York workshops are taught in:
  • Harlem (where WIBO began)
  • lower Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens and
  • Bronx communities.

Some of the business building topics that entrepreneurs will experience during this 16-week course include:

  • how to conduct market research to identify ideal customers
  • promoting the business
  • making a profit
  • creating a pricing strategy and...
...other actionable and detailed steps that are excellent for a new or startup business. 

This semester new WIBO participants will take part in a new groundbreaking online course created as part of WIBO’s new Entrepreneur Mindset Program (EMP). WIBO’s EMP was developed to assist new entrepreneurs with developing the personal development skills and thinking needed to be successful in business.

The online course titled Training for Entrepreneur Success will lay the foundation for WIBO participants to grow successful companies by helping them enhance their strengths, identify and work on the habits that can negatively prevent them from being successful.

There is a cost associated with the workshops. However, WIBO offer scholarships to people who are earning less than $50,000, veterans, NYCHA residents, and individuals who have been recently incarcerated.

You can begin registering now for the workshop and can do so by going online to register at: or call 646-400-0566.

Space is limited for the workshops so, if you’ve found your life’s passion, and want to create a thriving business doing what you love; then the WIBO 16-week workshop is for you, be sure to act fast!  Go to:

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

More Women Working A 9-5 Are Launching Their Own Business

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Women On The Rise Galvanizes “Get Inspired, Get Empowered, Get Equipped”

Queens, NY September, 2019 -- Marsha Guerrier, CEO of the Women On The Rise NY network is hosting her 6th Annual Women on the Rise Forum & Expo Oct. 18 & 19th at the NYC LaGuardia Hotel. The Theme this year is “Beyond the 9-5 Business Conference”.

According to the 2018 State of the Women Owned Business Report by American Express Women of color own 47% of women owned businesses and women of color own 64% of all newly launched women-owned businesses. The purpose of this conference is to provide quality resources for those women who face the challenges to build a successful business and to allow women to “Get Inspired, Get Empowered, Get Equipped”.

Last year over 125 business women attended the two-day conference. Many who attended were micro-influencers, community leaders, clergy, marketing mavens and so many more. This year will be no different with each of the guest having the same mission to encourage other women to soar and succeed.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

See What Drives This Successful Online Innovator To Lead The Nation's Premier Business Workshop

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After Building And Selling A Number Of Multi-million Dollar Businesses Mogul Stephen Jackson Reboots The Premier Business Workshop WIBO To Continue To Empower Economically In The Digital Age 
Internet Innovator and Present CEO Of WIBO Stephen Jackson

By Kamau Austin, Publisher of The Southeast Queens Scoop.

Southeast Queens, NYC --  If you want to be successful in business it makes perfect sense to learn from other successful business people.  This is no doubt the reason Internet innovator Stephen Jackson, was tapped to take the nation's premier entrepreneurial workshop WIBO, started in NYC, into the digital marketing age potentially giving the nonprofit organization an international reach and impact.

Jackson is the present CEO of the highly regarded Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO).  Stephen took over the entrepreneurial training workshop about a year ago after being a volunteer and major contributor to the business training powerhouse for many years.  WIBO has trained over 18,000 aspiring entrepreneurs in its 54 year history!

Stephen Jackson, is one of the pioneers of digital marketing to major corporate brands on the Internet.  He was also a visionary in using video production in online marketing space long before YouTube became a household name and digital platform reaching billions.

Queens Center Of The Arts Hosts 1st Ever Multi-Genre International Film Festival

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Queens Center Of The Arts Hosts 1st Ever Multi-Genre International Film Festival In Jamaica, Queens, NY

Queens, New York -- Queens Underground 718 is proud to announce the 1st Ever Multi-Genre Film Festival In South Jamaica, NY. The Queens Underground International Film Festival 2019 is being hosted by Queens Center Of The Arts.

With categories for:
  • Filmmakers
  • Performers (singers, rappers, musicians, poets, and dancers), and...
  • Small Businesses/Entrepreneurs

The next and final deadline for submissions is September 15th.

The Live Screenings will be held from October 17th - 20th at The Southeast Queens Chamber Of Commerce; 115-42 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11434.

The week will be filled with an amazing schedule of screenings of projects from all around the world, panel discussions with the judges and other industry professionals, and the awards night announcements. Students are welcomed to submit their projects, as well as non-profits, social organizations, and community groups before the September 15th deadline.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Black Spending On Health And Beauty Care Product Dollars Can Serve As An Economic Boom For Our Community

Southeast Queens, New York - It is no secret that African Americans spend a huge amount of money on Health and Beauty Products. A recent article suggests that African American spend to the tune of $437 million in the ethnic hair and beauty market.

We need to reconsider areas such as these where we are spending a substantial amount of money as potential opportunities to expand employment and wealth. The strength of African Americans as a community needs to parlay into using our collective will, collective consciousness, and spending purse to have our dollars remain in areas of our community to support existing businesses in the health and beauty industry.

Recently, the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. and the Southeast Queens Scoop, began to work with ButterMEssentials, a Natural Hair Care and Body Company which has produced a variety of products which cater to women, men, and children so there is something for the whole family. Quality Business partnerships such as these will yield tremendous success in the Black Community.

 To visit ButterMEssentials online just click here to view their entire catalog of products or make a purchase today.

One of the first thing we need to do is to identify where we spend our dollars as community daily, and then come up with a comprehensive plan of how we can redirect our dollars in a way that will lead to building sustainable communities across America. We also need to understand that ideas are not only sources of pleasure, but can be turned into sources on power and economic wealth.

The Southeast Queens Scoop, serves as a anchor publication for a rich demographic of wealthy Blacks in New York and is also a business that should be supported in the community through subscriptions and advertisements. As a leading online digital news source it serves as a conduit for the start of effective change by putting good ideas out to the masses in our community, and at the same time exposing the community to quality Black Owned Products and Services.

Small Business Owners and Professionals are encouraged to contact Southeast Queens Scoop to offer their products and services to one of the wealthiest Black communities in the nation." Phil Andrews, President, Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
New York State's largest African American Chamber of Commerce supporting a Black-owned Business in Southeast, Queens, New York It is my goal and plan in the future to host meetings such as how to open a storefront in the community, how to pool assets together as community for inside first, then outside community development, and how about a black venture capital fund.

Access to capital forums, conferences and expos are also on the agenda to make a difference in our community in the area of economic empowerment. As President of the New York State’s largest African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. and situated in the largest business market for African Americans in the Queens County, we can’t sit back and be idle about the possibilities we can create if we work together as a community. Over a period of time we will continue to look at different segments of the economy where are dollars a flowing out of the community and begin to look at how we can redirect our spending in a positive manner.

We can apply this idea and concept to communities across Black America! About: The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. – The LI African American Chamber of Long Island is New York State’s largest African American Chamber and currently serves the counties of Kings, Nassau, Queens and Suffolk.

The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has appeared on WABC Here and Now and NBC’s Positively Black and has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine for the work they are doing in the area of Economic Empowerment.

California is 1st State Sued by Black Patients Matter

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Washington, DC  A federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against multiple members of the MBC Medical Board of California and investigative police force HQIU (Health Quality Investigative Unit) for allegedly targeting doctors treating patients of color (Federal Court Central Division, Case No. 2:19-cv-03056-PA-JC). The jury trial has been assigned to the Honorable Judge Percy Anderson of Los Angeles.

Black Army Vet Shares Near-Death Experiences in New Book

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Nationwide --  How would you approach life if you were declared dead at the age of six after suffering from tragic car accident? What about if you were in Iraq being attacked with mortar rounds intended to explode when landing near you, only to survive?

What if were commuting back to your military base on a highway, and fell asleep at the wheel only to awaken to your vehicle spinning out of control, coming dangerously close to an 18-wheeler and a compact car?

Well these are some of the things Alton Pete has encountered. A retired Army Veteran; Pete was led to pen his life's journey in a book entitled Life Is So Precious.

Having evaded death numerous times, through 18 chapters, Pete's words encourage, heal and reveal. In starting his journey as an author, he states that his inspiration came from his mother and sister who have passed.

"They are my soul purpose for fulfilling this dream," he says. Knowing they'd be proud and want him to put his hardships to good use, in 2014, Pete decided to move forward in telling his story.