Monday, June 2, 2014

UpLIFT Our Young People & Empower the Community - Column with Terryl Ebony

Check out some important community developments from Youth and Community Activist Terryl Ebony.

Don't Reward Disrespect from Your Children

If your child is in my Fresh Start Program, that means he committed some type of crime, was arrested and plead guilty. So, I'm finding it very hard to understand why a child that is facing 1 - 3 years in prison, is not attending school, not working, smoking, drinking, and disrespectful to boot, is being gifted a "Beema" (yes, a car). Am I missing something? I need some answers because I don't know whether to cry or ask the parents if they want to adopt me. Heck, I won't give no problems or back chat.

But in all seriousness, then they have the audacity to call me and tell me all these negative things he's doing. "I'm sorry mommy, you have taught your child - it is okay to be a disrespectful bum. He won't change unless you change."

Community Board 13 Reminder

CB13 Reminder - For those interested in speaking up or getting involved in youth issues, we are having a meeting this Wednesday, June 4th @ 7:30pm - Community Board 13, 219-41 Jamaica Avenue, Queens Village, NY 11428. Please come out to support our youth or tell us about what you are doing to make a positive impact on a child's life.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces 10,000+ Pre-K Seats for NYC 

Very proud this afternoon as our district is where Mayor de Blasio announced 10,000+ new pre-K seats for NYC, including over 500 in Jamaica alone. For more information or to sign up a child for one of these spots visit:

One of the Young Men in
 Our Community Needs a Global History Tutor

A young man in my program is desperately seeking a GLOBAL HISTORY tutor. This is the only Regents that he needs to pass in order to graduate with a high school diploma. He has taken the exam several times and has not passed. He is becoming increasingly unmotivated. Therefore, I am reaching out to my community to intervene. This young man is in the Queens area. He is willing to travel. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word. I don't want him to give up. I don't want him to end up behind bars.

 Internships at Parks

Parks & Recreation offers a variety of internships in various departments within the Agency. For more information on available positions, please explore the categories below or contact the Internship Coordinator at (212) 360-8212.

Gun Buy Back Event

A Gun Buy Back event is scheduled for Saturday, June 7, 2014, within the confines of 113th Precinct. The location is Majority Baptist Church, 115-21 Farmers Boulevard St. Albans, NY 11412 from 10:00 A.M. to 04:00 P.M. hours. Please spread the word!!!!

HEAP Cooling Assistance Program

Are you having a rough time dealing with the summer heat? Are you struggling to purchase an air conditioner? The HEAP Cooling Assistance Program can help eligible households with up to $800 towards the purchase and installation of fans or an air conditioner. This program is accepting applications through August 29th.

Please call 929-221-5862 to have an application mailed to your home or visit this link click here for more information. Call as soon as you can because this program is provided on a first come, first served basis until funding runs out.

Weekly Meditations

Love Yourself 1st Unconditionally

"It saddens me when I hear people say they love their children unconditionally, or they love their mate unconditionally, but they can't honestly say they love themselves unconditionally. That means that you love others more than you love yourself. There is a problem with that. Yes, I said it. You should not love anyone more than you love yourself - including your children. This is a sure fired way for those very people that you love so much to lose respect for you. Love thyself FIRST!"


"You will attract who you are."

Young Men and Respect

Why is it that the boys in my program respect me more than their own parents? Because I'm NOT their friend and we establish that Day #1. They know I love them. They know I will do my best for them and give them whatever I can. They also know their will be consequences for any negative behaviors. There are rules and regulations that must be followed.

As a parent, you can't come to me and ask me to help your child because he/she is disrespectful when you have set no boundaries. You are the one that needs help. If this sounds like your household, I suggest you contact The Misunderstood Youth Development Center (MYDC) asap. We can help you get your family back in order, but please recognize that it starts with you.

Covering Positive Things in Our Community

"There is so much being done to spotlight the negativity happening in our communities. What is being done to spotlight all the positive things, people, organizations, business, careers, education, etc? We have so many unsung heroes and sheroes among us. We need to shine light on the positive. Hope is not lost; and Victory is not lost as long as we do not give up. We must maintain faith."

Personal Evaluation

"Who were you yesterday? Who are you today?"

Get Over it

"You are not over something if you keep bringing it up. Let go, Let God!"

Bio: Terryl Ebony is the Founder and Executive Director of Misunderstood Youth Development Center (MYDC). MYDC’s mission is to create various peer-oriented programs building self-expression while Helping to Understand, Develop and Stimulate the Minds of Our Youth. She is also a motivational speaker, radio show host, mentor, marketing and networking expert. You can find out more about her organization by clicking here

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