Friday, June 20, 2014

Down Home West Indian Restaurant Rises in St Albans

There is an economic rebound going on in St. Albans, around the intersection of two of the busiest streets in the Southeast Queens neighborhood. Corporate chains like 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts, and Dollar Stores have recently opened up in the intersection of Linden Blvd and Farmers Blvd.

However, not all of the promising new businesses are national chains or franchises. A cozy West Indian restaurant Triple C, is rising in the area also and has a lot of potential to be a great place to eat a delicious cultural meal.

Triple C is one of the few West Indian Restaurants in Southeast Queens where you can sit down in comfort and enjoy fresh food from the Caribbean and bring your laptop to use Wi-Fi internet access.  The food is delicious and fresh.

The stew chicken and curry chicken dishes at Triple C are outstanding. The rice and peas seasoned to perfection. The fried plantains will not disappoint you.

Owner Claudette Campbell, is a pleasure to speak to and she treats her customers very well. Ms. Campbell is dedicated to serving patrons only the freshest food with real ingredients from the Caribbean.

She is also serves vegetarian meals for people who would prefer those healthy food options. If you like to sit down, relax, surf the net or bring friends and loved ones to a nice Caribbean Restaurant you have to checkout Triple C located at 188-36 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans, NY 11412. The phone number of the restaurant is 718-749-5984.

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