Sunday, December 22, 2019

Should Blacks Vote Since Reparations Has Been Sidelined By Both Parties?

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Some Influential Black Social Media Thought Leaders Are Espousing Voting Apathy Because Reparations Isn't Taken Seriously By Either Party.
However Is This A Good Strategy?
 Dem-Debate 12-19

By Kamau Austin, Publisher Southeast Queens Scoop & Scoop Publications

There has always been demoralized and apathetic black people who have felt voting, especially within the US 2-party system -- doesn't matter.  However, in the past these tended to be people who are economically and socially marginalized.

However more recently we have seen social media thought leaders, usually in a higher income and asset bracket - state this as well.  They have advocated for reparations as the litmus test of whether Blacks should vote in the US.  However it is becoming pretty apparent that both major parties are sidelining the reparations issue.

Did you notice the reparations question posed to former Vice President Joe Biden, in the last Democratic Presidential debate of 12/20/2019 - lasted like 5 seconds? Wow Biden redirected that question fast!

That's possibly the fastest redirect in US debate history?  LOL!  But Seriously, a Facebook Friend asked me "What does that tell you?" Hhhhhm good question. It tells me...