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See How A Cancer Surviving Dad And
Autistic Daughter Build An Award Winning Digital Publication In The
Historic Upscale Predominately Black Community Of Southeast Queens

10-23-2023 Salute To Black Media Awards

Kamau Austin Awarded From The BlaQue Resource Network, June, 5th, 2021 For Publishing The Southeast Queens Scoop

Kamau Austin Awarded for Publishing The Southeast Queens Scoop By The BlaQue Resource Network

Awarded By Queens Center Of The Arts For Publishing The SE Queens Scoop

The Picture Above Is Congratulations From Google On Getting Over 3 million views on Google for business pictures of our clients' pictures.

The Southeast Queens Scoop is an award winning flagship news blog of AMS Digital Media.  It is Co-Published by Kamau and his daughter nZinga Austin.

It has been awarded community service awards On Martin Luther King's Holiday by area artists and Queens Center Of The Arts.  It also has won awards from area politicians.

nZinga Austin has also won numerous awards for her community service publishing the Southeast Queens Scoop and defying the odds overcoming autism from Complete Girlz, and several citations from area politicians like:
  • State Senator Leroy Comrie
  • Queens Boro President Melinda Katz and
  • NYC Council person Adrienne Adams
  • BlaQue Resource Networking Organization
Here are some examples below...

Kamau & nZinga Austin being honored at half time of a Long Island Nets game.

nZinga Austin gets a number of awards and citations from Complete Girlz and area politicians

National Business Leader Phil Andrews Supports The Scoop Publications
SBA Award Winner Phil Andrews

See What SBA award winning Phil Andrews, President Of the Nation's Largest African American Chamber of Commerce says about the

"The Southeast Queens Scoop, serves as an anchor publication for a rich demographic of wealthy Blacks in New York, and is also a business that should be supported in the community through donations, subscriptions and advertisements. As a leading online digital news source it serves as a conduit for the start of effective change by putting good ideas out to the masses in our community, and at the same time exposing the community to quality Black owned products and services.

Small business owners and professionals are encouraged to contact the Southeast Queens Scoop, to offer their products and services to one of the wealthiest Black communities in the nation."

Phil Andrews, is the 2019 Small Business Champion, for the New York District Office, of the United States Small Business Administration, and is also the President, Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. covering Brooklyn, Queens, of NYC, and Long Island, NY.

nZinga Austin has won numerous awards for Co-Publishing the Scoop family of publications and also for singing, acting, and performing.  She publishes her own blogs on the entertainment industry, comic art, and science and fantasy.

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