Saturday, March 18, 2023

Learn About The Dad, Mom, and Two Kids Providing Black Families With 6 and 7-Star Luxury Travel Experiences

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Glenn and Amanda Goring and their two daughters, Brooklyn and Lexington, are the owners/operators of a successful luxury travel business called In-Style Travel. Mom and Dad book the accommodations, curate travel itineraries, and serve as travel concierges for the luxury travel packages offered. Meanwhile, the two daughters serve as travel influencers and video bloggers for their company’s YouTube channel, LittleMissTravelers. Together, this family travels in style and aims to show the world that luxury travel can be a wonderful experience for everyone including Black families with small children.

Both licensed pharmacists, Amanda from New York and Glenn, originally from Canada, met while attending the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. The couple has been married for 13 years.

They were travel enthusiasts and enjoyed traveling together before becoming parents. To their dismay, the travel agent they first encountered after their first daughter, Brooklyn, was born tried to discourage them from traveling with their two-month-old baby. The travel agent immediately informed them of the services the resort would not provide to accommodate the new parents. Undeterred, the couple took it upon themselves to plan their itinerary and enjoyed a life-changing travel experience.

When thinking of all the other Black parents who may have been similarly discouraged, Glenn and Amanda became inspired to officially launch In-Style Travel to curate luxurious travel packages intended specifically for Black families, looking to enjoy international and domestic travel with children of all ages.