Sunday, December 28, 2014

Farmers Pizzeria Offers an Outstanding Array of Foods

On Farmers Blvd and 111th Street is a hidden jewel for good food.  It is a quaint no frills restaurant with tasty well prepared food. The eatery offers a large variety of community comfort foods.

Farmers Pizzeria, offers great traditional pizza, burgers, pasta, fries, wings, salads and so much more. We really love the food at Farmers Pizzeria.

The pizza is delicious and they have other great foods like Italian food, burgers, wraps, and salads.  They offer specialty pizza too like BBQ Chicken, Chicken & Broccoli, White Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, the meaty Farmer's Pizza and other selections.

Furthermore they have scrupulous pasta dishes like Pastas with Marinara Sauce, Garlic and Oil, Clam sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Vodka Sauce, and with Meat Sauce or Meat Sauce with Cheese.  Also they offer great burger meals with staple burger meals like Burgers with Fries, Cheese Burgers, and a really good turkey cheese burger.  They also offer "Deluxe" options with fries.  The also have healthy food choices. 

What I love about the restaurant is that it has healthy food choices too like grilled chicken and avocado salad, turkey burgers, and grilled chicken wraps. Farmer's Pizzeria has great Italian food but also is one of the few places in the community where you can get good healthy food choices as well.

There are a few tables for visitors and they will deliver to your door as well. Farmers Pizzeria also offers a wide selection of well known brand name beverages in package deals with some meals. For instance if you order chicken fingers they come with fries and a soda or iced tea. Farmers Pizzeria, has a few tables for sit down meals but also delivers to your door as well. They also do catering for your events and social functions. They even have Peace Teas too which is an inexpensive healthy beverage which doesn't have ingredients like corn syrup and additives. Peace tea comes in a lot of flavors.

The staff at Farmer Pizzeria are very pleasant to work with and are efficient in getting your meals. Farmers Pizzeria is a great place in the comunity to get Pizzas, burgers, and other good meals. To order from Farmers Pizzeria Click Here

Farmers Pizzeria has a wide array of foods in addition to classic and specialty Pizzas