Support Our Community Artists: Featured Artist Audley "Geo" Smith
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Audley Geo Smith, born 1949 in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica, West Indies. Geo, as he is affectionately called, start drawing at age six. He remembered his first piece, Craighead Primary School, since he lived across the road from the school. He took art classes in primary and high school and although he had formal training in Graphic Arts at the Edna Manley School of Visual Art, he feels his talents are “Gifts from God”.

Mr. Smith’s love of nature is reflected in most of his works. The natural beauty of his native country depicted in the rich foliage in the rainforest of fern gully, the natural water falls of Dunns River and lifestyle of the people, continue to be a source of inspiration to him as he express himself on canvas.

Inspired by his environment, the artist paints numerous scenes of the village in which he lived for over 30 years, Spanish Town, which is rich with the history of the Caribbean. This earned him numerous gold, silver and bronze awards.

Audley now resides in New York where his works have being exhibited in many galleries. He is a member of the Alliance of Queens Artist. This has helped him develop into a creatively matured professional with a myriad of avenues of artistic expressions.

The artist has perfected fresh techniques that add increased movement and innovation to his works. His paintings illustrate the diversity and maturity of his artistic vision.

Bamboo Ave 16x20 GEOs-Art-001 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Bottleman  16X20 GEOs-Art-002 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Breadfruit 12x16 GEOs-Art-003 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Donkey Man 16x20 GEOs-Art-004 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Dunn's River Falls GEOs-Art-005 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Hope Botanicals Gardens 16X20 GEOs-Art-006 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Shaw Park Gardens 16x20 GEOs-Art-007 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Sunset 16x20 GEOs-Art-008 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

White Sands 16x20 GEOs-Art-009 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

Yellow House 16x20 GEOs-Art-010 $23 (Click For Larger Image)

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