Thursday, September 15, 2016

Queens Resident Fashions Functional Clothing for People with Challenges

Kevin Henry does not let being in a wheelchair cramp his style.  Mr. Henry has overcome a terrible tragedy that may have fashioned a sideline existence for many people. But not Mr. Henry.  Kevin was shot by accident in a violent encounter between two other people.

However, he did not succumb to his wounds or let his permanent injury sideline his life. Today Kevin designs clothes for people with disabilities.  Henry also goes to Queensborough Community College. The name of his clothing line is "Kmatikz."

Kevin because of his disability realized that it is very difficult to find clothing that is easy for people with disabilities to wear and get dressed.  Henry also discovered, from his personal experience, that most of the clothing made for people with physical challenges looked a bit like clothes you'd see people wearing in a nursing home.  He felt most people with physical challenges wouldn't want to wear this type of clothing.

Therefore, Henry, an industrial design student, went to work fashioning a clothing line that is both stylish and functional. He represents a person who didn't let personal tragedy sideline his life. Henry states "If you fall down, just get back up. Even if you don't physically get back up but you can still enjoy your life, you can still live your life to the fullest.” 

You have to respect this person, in our community, who inspires us to rise beyond our personal circumstances and contribute to the betterment of the community.  Henry is working hard to get grants and win business competitions to launch his startup company. You can read more about his business development accomplishments by clicking here.

By Nzinga Lonstein Austin, is a prolific blogger who writes on the entertainment industry and issues for people with physical challenges.

She is presently in high school looking to have a career in video, film, and media. You can see more of her entertainment writing on Lonstein Movies.

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