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Dear community leaders and activists, we truly thank you for the great contributions you make to community events.  We at the Southeast Queens Scoop, appreciate your efforts to enhance our neighborhood and make it a better place.

We have posted over 4,100 positive events, news stories, community business profiles, and articles on economic developments around our area For FREE. We often post uplifting and inspiring stories about our community the major media often ignores or overlooks. This is a commitment and act of love we have for our community.

We look forward to posting as many community events that we possibly can with our staff.  However, we receive up to 127,000 visits a month and over 1.3 million since started, so we also get a lot of requests to post events.

We now ask for your support in maintaining all of these wonderful services to benefit our community with your donation. Your donation also provides compensation for Ms. Nzinga Austin, our extraordinarily talented autistic teenager who dedicates all of her time to ensure interesting content for you to read. Please donate today and let’s keep the Southeast Scoop thriving!

Now you may think: I can go to other sources for free event postings.  Yes, you can but what other source in Southeast Queens does all of the following?

1. Research, receive, respond, and post community events

2. Then actually take your events and promote them on social media channels with OVER 100,000 members locally for FREE (no other media source in Southeast Queens does this).

3. Writes about emerging and community businesses in our area For FREE and on a regular ongoing basis

We hope to post your event if at all possible.  However, if you would like to insure or prioritize the posting of your event please click the Donate Button and process a small donation of $27 to help our community publication continue to showcase your positive efforts to improve our neighborhoods.

Thanks for your help and understanding.

Kamau Austin & nZinga Austin, Publishers
The Southeast Queens Scoop

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