Monday, January 21, 2019

Kamau And nZinga Austin To Receive Outstanding Community Service Award For Publishing The Southeast Queens Scoop

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Co-Publishers Of The Southeast Queens Scoop To Receive The Outstanding Community Service Award
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By Kamau Austin

Wow I was both surprised and honored when a business person and artist Ms. Adrienne Whaley, founder of the Queens Center Of The Arts, told me we were selected for an  "Outstanding Community Service Award."  Actually I laughed in disbelief. I laughed under the incredulous irony of the moment.

See we started a local blog for our community to challenge the major media usually primarily covering our area with negative or sensational news stories. My daughter and I covered over 1,500 community events, Black businesses, and economic development stories before making a dime for our efforts.  

80% of the time we didn't even get a thank you. But we did it as an act of love. We made a little money from a few of my clients in the area, that I had before we did any serious publishing to make some income.

But we did it because we were tired of the negative major media coverage of the area. What was so disappointing was the Southeast Queens, NYC area is historic in a few ways.