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Dear Business Leader,

This is Kamau Austin and nZinga Austin, Co-Publishers of the award winning Southeast Queens Scoop, increasingly popular, and the showcase for Black and minority grant - loan - and finance opportunities the Minority Business Finance Scoop.  Our publications and services have helped our clients be seen on Google and social media sites over 4.5 million times and generate over $72 million dollars online.

See how we helped a client be featured on the popular NBC "Today Show."

nZinga Austin gets a number of awards and citations from Complete Girlz and area politicians

Kamau Austin Awarded for Publishing The Southeast Queens Scoop By The BlaQue Resource Network

Congratulations on the success of launching your business or organization.  We'd like to help you get more popular visibility and sales for your product or services on social media, search engines, and independent Black online platforms reaching over 828,872 members.  

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National Business Leader Phil Andrews Supports The Scoop Publications
SBA Award Winner Phil Andrews

See What SBA award winning Phil Andrews, President Of the Nation's Largest African American Chamber of Commerce says about the

"The Southeast Queens Scoop, serves as an anchor publication for a rich demographic of wealthy Blacks in New York, and is also a business that should be supported in the community through donations, subscriptions and advertisements. As a leading online digital news source it serves as a conduit for the start of effective change by putting good ideas out to the masses in our community, and at the same time exposing the community to quality Black owned products and services.

Small business owners and professionals are encouraged to contact the Southeast Queens Scoop, to offer their products and services to one of the wealthiest Black communities in the nation."

Phil Andrews, is the 2019 Small Business Champion, for the New York District Office, of the United States Small Business Administration, and is also the President, Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. covering Brooklyn, Queens, of NYC, and Long Island, NY.

Kamau & nZinga Have Been Promoting In Online Business For Decades and Featured In Major Media Sources Like CNN And Black Enterprise
Kamau Austin In Black Enterprise.  He Has Been Promoting Black Businesses For Decades

Kamau and Young nZinga Doing Business 15 Years Ago

Our flagship news blog The Southeast Queens Scoop, publication is visited up to 127,000 times a month driven by our social media promotions reaching over 1.3 million readers of Black history and news.  Our global news blog the Black News Scoop, has featured stories and clients like top business people and celebrities:
  • Tiffany Haddish
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Jody Watley
  • Vivica A. Fox
  • Michael Colyar
  • Amara La Negra
  • Will Downing
  • Dr. Charles Singleton and...
    Inc. 500 Awardee Chuck Starks as just a small example.
The Southeast Queens NYC area is historic in that according to the US Census, it is the 1st large area in US history (of over 75,000 people) where Black income exceeds white income in the surrounding areas!  The Southeast Queens Scoop, gives entrĂ©e into this middle and upper income area to promote your products or services. It has over 500,000 residents 90% of whom are Black.

We'd like to feature your press releases and ads plus also promote it on social media and search engines, because unlike the traditional mainstream media, we focus on more positive or empowering coverage of the Black community.  We've published over 3,655 positive stories in the last few years mostly free as an act of love and commitment.

Since you are looking to grow broader awareness about your business organization or company imagine how much more effective your promotion would be if it is seen by between 828,872 to 1.3 million upscale Black prospective customers internationally on a regular basis with different black social media sites and platforms.

According to the highly respected Pew Research Center, over 69% of adults and 86% of young people 18 to 29 use social media.  Social media today often drives older traditional media -- so it is important to also have a cost effective promotion strategy for these platforms. 

You may ask: why do I need you I can promote myself on social media?  Use us because most social media users would get banned or your accounts suspended promoting as expansively as us.  We developed a way to get around restrictive algorithms on the platforms.

Promote Your Release on social media:  we have 3 expansive options:    

1. Social Media Blast: If you would also like us to promote your article on our new site, extended social media channels to Black groups reaching over 828,872 on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other independent Black social sites we will do it for a moderate investment of $127.  If this is social media distribution you'd like to take advantage now please process your promotion using this link just click here.

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2. Search Engine And Social Media Blast: This is how you can get customers or clients worth thousands of dollars for years to come. One of the ways Google, Bing, and other search engines decide to list your website on their platforms is from links from other sites.  Links from other sites to your site is like a vote of confidence to the search engines that your website has value to Internet users.

This is because they figure why would someone link to you if you didn't have relevant information?  We get you over 75 links from social media and websites within a few days!

With our Search Engine and Social Media Blast we link to your site directly from our sites and social media platforms and help your website get higher listings (Rankings) with Google and Bing and also more traffic from social media sites.  Your investment is only $173 to help increase your chances of being found in the search engines and get prospective customers from social media.  To process your Search Engine and Social Blast Click Here   

3. 3 Months Social Media Promotion And Advertising - Since advertising and promotions needs repetition to be effective, in order to help you get more visibility for your company's promotion we're going to offer you, in addition to the social media promotion, an ad on our news blog for 3 months.

3 months advertising to be seen at least 30,000 times would be: $300
I'll also do 3 weeks of social media promotion for 2 weeks at $77 a week and 1 week free.  Your total investment would be: $454.  To process your 3 month promotion click here

Have more questions?  Checkout our FAQs Page click here or...
call me at 973-298-6148

P.S. In terms of diversity our news blogs are empowered by nZinga Austin our news researcher and intelligent Black young lady overcoming her autism challenges.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Kamau Austin,
Publisher Scoop Publications a division of AMS Media: The Southeast Queens

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