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The Southeast Queens Scoop is an award winning news blog which uses a powerful mix of informed search engine and social media promotion which has helped Publisher Kamau Austin, generate over $72 million dollars for his clients online.  Scoop publications has been visited and driven over 1.7 million views to its digital platforms and his clients.

Today 69% of adults and over 86% of young people 18 to 29 are social media users according to the highly regarded Pew Research Center.  These stats show the importance of having a presence on social media to be seen, give customer service, and be financially viable today.

Also many news stories on older forms of traditional media like TV, cable, newspapers and magazines is driven by social media.  In fact, many controversial stories about Blacks, buried in the past by older forms of media, are now revealed by user driven social media platforms empowered by smart phone video.

Social media can be more effective for entrepreneurs and other persons looking to share their message with the world.  Your marketing message on social media has the ability to spread from person to person quickly like a virus - using Internet communications in a good way.  People share your story or business message with others using the "Share" and "Like" buttons or functions on the algorithms of these dynamic platforms.

This is called viral marketing and is the most empowered on social media platforms because word can spread from one person to another so fast tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people can see your article, post, story or video within hours!

National Business Leader Phil Andrews Supports The Scoop Publications

See How A Cancer Surviving Dad And Autistic Daughter Build An Award Winning Digital Publication In The Historic Upscale Predominately Black Community Of Southeast Queens

The Southeast Queens Scoop is an award winning flagship news blog of AMS Digital Media. It is Co-Published by Kamau and his daughter nZinga Austin.

It has been awarded community service awards On Martin Luther King's Holiday by area artists and Queens Center Of The Arts.  It also has won awards from area politicians.

nZinga Austin has also won numerous awards for her community service publishing the Southeast Queens Scoop and defying the odds overcoming autism from Complete Girlz, and several citations from area politicians like:
  • State Senator Leroy Comrie
  • Queens Boro President Melinda Katz and
  • NYC Council person Adrienne Adams
Here are some examples below...

nZinga Austin gets a number of awards and citations from Complete Girlz and area politicians
7 Powerful Reasons You Need To Promote On Social Media To The Black Consumer

1Posting on social media can result In sales right away

2Get immediate low cost promotion for your business or organization

3. Build brand awareness for your business

4. Get the attention of large groups of targeted prospective customers

5. Develop deeper relationships with your customers and clients

6. Improve your listings with search engines like Google and Bing 

7. Create a low cost way to handle customer service, complaints, or reviews

The Ugly truth most Social Media Professionals don't want you to knowSocial media marketing is usually pricey.

Social Media Marketing Has Been Extremely Expensive Until Now...

The social media companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest mislead advertisers into thinking their advertising is cheap.  However, when you add it up it is actually more expensive than traditional advertising.

You realize you pay more for social media promotion when you calculate how much social media advertising accurately costs to reach 1,000 people.  This best practice advertising standard metric is called CPM (cost per mille or cost per thousand).  It is called cost per thousand because mille means thousand in Latin, French, and Italian.

Since you could pay $1 or $2 (or more) "a click" or "Like" you are actually paying in the neighborhood of $1,000 to reach a thousand people.  In contrast a major corporation in traditional media would only pay $15 to $25 to reach a 1,000 people in an ad campaign.

This is true although they may be paying millions of dollars in a comprehensive total ad budget.  The cost per thousand or CPM actually breaks down to be much less for a major brand advertiser than most social media advertisers will pay to reach a thousand people.

But don't worry we got you...

Now with the Southeast Queens Scoop's social media promotion service your promotion can reach thousands and even tens of thousands of customers for only $127.  We use an expanded version of the same social media distribution services achieving amazing results for our news blog.  Check out our Social Media Blast List Click Here.  We have a track record of success...

Google Congratulates Scoop Owner "Kamau Austin" For Getting Over 3 Million Views (These Pictures Are For His Business Clients On Google)

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What We Do - The Southeast Queens Scoop guarantees to distribute your marketing message or press release to social media groups collectively with over 828,872 members (actually considerably larger).  We can't guarantee they all will want to respond to your media release.  But we can guarantee they are posted to Black interest centers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Blaggenuf, Pinterest, and other important social media sites. We need a 3 business day turn-around to post your article.

What other service gives you the chance to be seen by tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of prospective Black customers for only $77 (usually $157)?  Facebook Ads alone would cost you at least hundreds of dollars for the same distribution.

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