Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Get Informed On How A Texas Police Officer Is Reported As Arresting And Then Sexually Abusing Ms. Sherita Dixon Cole

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Latest Development The Story Seems To Be Without Merit 

Sorry I Thought Ms. Cole Was Still Incarcerated And In Danger but the story seems to be a lie and baseless! Accord to Dash Cam Evidence and her Attorney's revelation it appears baseless.  Read the story click here.

Shaun King Reports The Arrest, Rape And Incarceration Of Ms. Sherita Dixon Cole
Ms. Sherita Dixon Cole
By Kamau Austin

Well known activist and social media personality Shaun King, is reporting on a very disturbing story of a Black woman Ms. Sherita Dixon Cole, being pulled over by a Texas State Trooper, who purported thought she may have been drinking and under the influence.

The major media, once again, has had little to do with this story at the time I heard about it so I'm covering it on the Southeast Queens Scoop.  The story has gone viral on social media.

According to Shaun King, Ms. Cole passed a breath analysis to determined she was not intoxicated.  However, according to Sherita the Texas State Trooper (who has yet to be properly identified it seems) said he was taking her in because he didn't like her attitude.

According to a Facebook post by Shaun King "This woman was kidnapped and raped by a Texas State Trooper— OFFICER HUBBARD, she is now being held hostage in Ellis County Jail!

Sherita Dixon Cole just happens to be a close personal friend of Civil Rights Attorney and my close friend Lee Merritt. These are the facts he was able to get together after speaking with Sherita’s family:

On May 20th, 2018 at approximately 1:30AM Sherita Dixon Cole was pulled over in Waxahachie, TX by a Texas State Trooper— Officer Hubbard, near a abandoned car dealership (I287 South & I35 South). She was told she was being stopped because Hubbard expected she was driving while intoxicated.

Cole voluntarily performed and passed all dui/dwi protocol including a breathalyzer. However, Hubbard decided he “didn’t like [her] attitude” and that he was going to take her to jail anyway. He handcuffed her hands behind her back and placed Cole in the front passenger seat of his patrol vehicle.

Hubbard then took a seat beside Cole and placed his hand on her thigh. He asked her if she wanted to go home as he hiked up her skirt. He told her that she could earn her way home, if she really wanted to go."  You can see his original post if you want by clicking here   

However, another news source Heavy.com, says the officer in question isn't Officer Hubbard it is another Texas State Trooper who isn't identified.  According to Heavy.com "Texas DPS has not released the name of the accused officer, and it’s not yet known if the Ellis County District Attorney’s office will bring any charges in relation to the accusations. Note: Some online sources are incorrectly stating that the officer was Trooper Jarrod Hubbard, but he was not the officer in Cole’s allegations.

Jarrod Hubbard does not work in Ellis County, NBC DFW reported, and does not even work on patrol because of a kidney transplant he had a couple years ago. “(He) is still having health issues over that,” a family member said. “This is causing undue stress on him.” 

Jarrod Hubbard has also received threats online, and the DPS is going to look into tracking down the people who made those threats. Jarrod Hubbard is not involved in this case in any way. Merritt also said in a social media post that Jarrod Hubbard was not the cop in question."

So it is not known, to my knowledge, who is the State Trooper is in question.  Below is a video from Today's Black World reporting on the incident...

Video REPORT From Today's Black World


Sherita Dixon Cole Story Continues After Sponsor's Message Below...

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Sherita Dixon Cole Story Continues Below...

Ms. Sherita Dixon Cole called her Fiance to the scene before she was arrested.  He arrived according to the report just when the Texas State Trooper in question began to sexually abuse her.  The State Trooper according to reports by Mr. King threatened to kill her fiance and basically frame him if for gun possession if she said anything.  He tried to follow the Trooper any way from a distance after being told he would be arrested if he followed the State Trooper.

But according to the accounts I read the State Trooper was able to lose the Fiance following him.  According to Shaun King's account "Cole had called her boyfriend to the scene of the stop when she was first pulled over. He arrived just as the officer began to accost her. Hubbard asked Cole who was in the car.

When she explained it was her fiancé he asked her was he armed. When she said he was not, Hubbard retorted “If you tell him what happened he will be armed and his fire arm will be visible when I have to shoot him.”

Hubbard went out to speak with Cole’s boyfriend and allowed him to speak with her briefly in his presence. She told him that she passed the DUI/DWI protocol but the officer said he was taking her in anyway “because of [her] attitude.” Hubbard immediately ended the conversation and told Cole he was taking her to the Ellis County Jail. Her fiancé told Hubbard that he would follow them to the jail but Hubbard warned him that he could not follow him and would be arrested if he tried. Cole’s fiancé drove a short distance up the road and waited for the officer to head toward the jail."

The Trooper went around the dealership and started to sexually abuse Ms. Cole who pleaded to be taken to jail.  The fiance started looking for the State Trooper who was able to evade him and take her eventually to jail.  The whole reported incident is sickening and can be read here  Ms. Cole was eventually released after some pressure at about 5pm.  She went to the hospital to get a medical exam.

This is a case we will be following.  The Texas authorities are denying any sexual abuse citing that the video cams in the automobile doesn't support Ms. Cole's allegations.

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