Tuesday, October 1, 2019

See What Drives This Successful Online Innovator To Lead The Nation's Premier Business Workshop

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After Building And Selling A Number Of Multi-million Dollar Businesses Mogul Stephen Jackson Reboots The Premier Business Workshop WIBO To Continue To Empower Economically In The Digital Age 
Internet Innovator and Present CEO Of WIBO Stephen Jackson

By Kamau Austin, Publisher of The Southeast Queens Scoop.

Southeast Queens, NYC --  If you want to be successful in business it makes perfect sense to learn from other successful business people.  This is no doubt the reason Internet innovator Stephen Jackson, was tapped to take the nation's premier entrepreneurial workshop WIBO, started in NYC, into the digital marketing age potentially giving the nonprofit organization an international reach and impact.

Jackson is the present CEO of the highly regarded Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO).  Stephen took over the entrepreneurial training workshop about a year ago after being a volunteer and major contributor to the business training powerhouse for many years.  WIBO has trained over 18,000 aspiring entrepreneurs in its 54 year history!

Stephen Jackson, is one of the pioneers of digital marketing to major corporate brands on the Internet.  He was also a visionary in using video production in online marketing space long before YouTube became a household name and digital platform reaching billions.

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Build Your Business With New York's Enlightening "Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO)," Rebooting In Rochdale Village, Queens!
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 WIBO Works

The WIBO Workshop in Rochdale Village, Queens, begins on Wednesday September 18, 2019 from 6:30 - 9:30 PM. Workshops are once a week on Wednesdays for 16 weeks.  For more information and registration visit: WIBO Works

Article On Stephen Jackson and WIBO Continues Below...

WIBO has been an invaluable resource in helping the large business community in NYC, one of the largest in the country, with about 2 million small businesses.  Also there are about 250,000 Black businesses in the NYC area.

Since most MBA programs in the past didn't teach entrepreneurship (but rather how to manage an existing business) WIBO no doubt has been valuable in helping tens of thousands of area businesses start and become viable companies.

I'm a graduate and would highly recommend the organization with it's 16 week course.  It has helped me survive in business over 2 decades and also help my clients generate over $75 million dollars.  Many other WIBO members also have been in business for decades in an environment where over 75% of businesses in the US go out of business within 5 years.

Beginning Wednesday, September 18th, Rochdale Village Community Center, WIBO, will launch their 54th year of workshops teaching new and existing entrepreneurs how to build profitable, successful businesses in 5 New York City locations.

WIBO helps individuals who want to build profitable businesses to provide for themselves and their families via their business. This often applies to:

  • women
  • individuals recently released from prisons
  • individuals from communities that lack access to knowledge, networks, and capital and
  • African Americans and Latinos trying to close the historic wealth gap.

Starting or growing a business is something that many people struggle with and this entrepreneurial workshop helps individuals overcome various obstacles as well as guide them to a successful path in starting or growing an existing business.

Workshop in Business Opportunities was developed in 1966 by Walter Geier and Mal Woolfolk to enable small business owners from underserved communities obtain financial success by starting, operating, and building successful businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs and improve communities.  Jackson looks to build on their success.

Stephen Jackson is rebooting WIBO's programs to include:

  • Online courses - people will be able to take WIBO courses on the web
  • Courses that help people who were formerly incarcerated (important because it's hard to get a job if you are formerly incarcerated) and...
  • National Affiliates - Or WIBO operations and course work in other areas of the country.

With Stephen Jackson at the helm of WIBO I'm confident that he will use his digital insight, leadership, and aplomb to make the business training organization accessible and invaluable to a new generation of business leaders.  It's nice to see how WIBO is rebooting to empower more entrepreneurs!  To learn more about WIBO's dynamic 16-week course click here

Kamau Austin, is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Southeast Queens Scoop. He has extensive experience in both the traditional and digital publishing fields.

Kamau Austin is also a dadpreneur, author of two books, publisher, and principal of AdPro Media Sales (AMS). AMS is an online sales, marketing, and advertising company. Mr. Austin has been featured in Fortune SB magazine, CNN, WebPro News, Satellite Radio, Black Enterprise, and hundreds of Newspapers and magazines in the US.  He has also been honored with a number of community awards.

Contact him if you are interested in writing articles, sharing news or views, putting on community events, or distributing press releases. Austin and the staff/supporters of the Southeast Queens Scoop are dedicated to covering the area in a fair and uplifting way. At the scoop we love to share positive news about Southeast Queens. 

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