Monday, June 11, 2018

See How The Southeast Queens Scoop Emerged As One Of The Top Black Digital Media Sources In NYC

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The Southeast Queens Scoop Gets Over 121,000 Views In The Last 30-Days And Over 437,000 Within A Year

By Kamau Austin

What a difference a year makes! The Southeast Queens Scoop is a news blog I started years ago just to give my clients some additional local promotion and PR. This is because Google and Social Media advertising was so expensive when you really evaluate the costs.

Many local advertisers just don't have the ad budgets to compete with major corporations. So the Scoop was my way of providing extra value in promotion to my local web marketing business clients.

About a year ago I noticed, due to my increased marketing, there seemed to be a strong interest in the local business profiles and cultural events that I was posting. I could tell by viewing my site statistics (something all business people should be doing on an ongoing basis). It also occured to me the news coverage of Southeast Queens, was usually negative and focused on crime and corruption.

I wondered how much interest and popularity I could get if I went hard on my search engine and social media promotion of the site and focused on positive developments. At the time the site barely had 9,000 visits. Well I was pleasantly surprised. Hell to be honest I am elated and astonished!

The Southeast Queens Scoop in the last 30 days alone has gotten over 121,000 site visits. Averages about 42,000 site visits a month now, and has had over 437,000 site visits in about a years time of really promoting it. More importantly it has helped grow businesses in Southeast Queens tremendously especially over the last year.

I could have never accomplished such a major success in building the following of the Southeast Queens Scoop alone.  It has taken a team of very intelligent and creative people to grow the Scoop to its level of viewership.  To be a success at anything you need a team.  And having a team with more expertise than you have -- can really make the difference!

I want to thank Ms. Terryl Ebony, for being the 1st person to give me encouragement and tell me I could use her content to enhance the Southeast Queens Scoop.  She also gave input on the look of the digital publication and insights on community development.

I want to thank Brotha Dujon Ricks, a brilliant man working on his PhD in Electrical Engineering, for being the 1st real volunteer to work on the Scoop on a regular basis taking time from his busy schedule to help in anyway he could -- whether it be sales or writing articles.

I am also thankful to Ms. Nerine Dixon, who has a Masters Degree in Music, and is the former Choir Director of CCC, in Brooklyn, who helped me put on a successful community event with class and creativity.  She has also been there to give me creative advice on the direction of the news blog.

A prolific political and social media commentator Bro. Earl Hazell, has been invaluable with sharing really profound cultural critiques and evaluation of popular figures.  Earl is one of the best cultural and entertainment writers I know.  One of Hazell's articles garnered about 75,000 views in 2-days.

Author Jody-Ann Buckle, gave great advice on creating a new section for Events, which has become one of our most popular.  She is also writing some very important articles about businesses in our community.
I want to thank my amazing daughter Ms. Nzinga L. Austin.  She is a tireless contributor despite being on the autism spectrum.  She is the a great asset and backbone of our efforts.  She believes in me and this project and is constantly doing sourcing, research, and picking great content and formatting it for the Southeast Queens Scoop.  Her efforts are inspiring!

Moreover, I also want to thank you, our viewers, who took time to see and checkout our content.  Many have done so on an ongoing basis.  Without our viewers the Scoop would not have been possible or even thinkable.

And last but not least I want to thank our advertisers and sponsors who thought it not robbery to buy ads and promotion.  Thank you for giving us your confidence and business.  I thank God that I have met these great people and partners in this business sojourn.

Like many startup businesses the Southeast Queens Scoop, has many challenges ahead.  Please continue to pray and meditate that we can keep moving ahead to accomplish our mission of promoting positive news, cultural events, business profiles, and economic development in Southeast Queens.  I believe and have faith the best is yet to come.

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Kamau Austin, Publisher and Nzinga Austin, Event and Content Coordinator

Terry Ebony Life Coach & Business Contributor

Dujon Ricks Associate Publisher

Nerine Dixon Events Consultant

Earl Hazell Cultural Critic and Social Commentary Contributor

Jody-Ann Buckle Culture and Business Contributor
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