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See How A Queen RISES In Queens And Then Writes A Book About It

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An Interview With Author Jody-Ann Buckle by Kamau Austin

In Queens A Literary Queen Is Rising
Jody-Ann N. Buckle, And Her Book Of Poetry "Reflections Of A Queen Rising"

Jody-Ann Buckle is an emerging author in Southeast Queens, who looks to inspire and empower women with her 1st book of poetry "Reflections of A Queen Rising." I asked the rising queen of publishing about what drove her to create such a compelling work.

Kamau: Jody-Ann can you tell me a little about your background and where you grew up?

Jody-Ann - I was born in St. Ann, Jamaica, and lived for a period of time with my maternal grandmother and aunt.  I migrated to New York at the age of eight with my mother and we settled in Laurelton, Queens with family.

At the age of eleven, my father was killed in Jamaica.  After experiencing the loss of my father I looked for ways to fill the void of his untimely death through writing short stories and poetry. I was fairly active growing up and spent most of my time hanging around with my cousins.

I participated in ballet and tap classes, entered a jazz competition, joined the step team and cheerleading team in high school. I was never clinically diagnosed with depression, but in my late twenties I have been sad more often than I was happy.

Part of what drove that sadness was because I wasn’t experiencing life and I didn’t believe in myself. I desired to get married and thought it would give me happiness, I suppressed my talents as a writer, and despite several achievements, I felt unsuccessful.

Kamau: That sounds very painful and challenging. How were you able to shift gears and make your life more fulfilling after your father's death?

Jody-Ann - Needless to say for the next few years I wrestled with my thoughts. I began to shift my thoughts and replaced, negativity with positivity, I began to embrace who I was as a person, I showed myself love, and in return I was able to pour that into my writing.

In addition, I practiced gratitude, read more books, and completed a series of personal development workshops, which challenged my mindset to think differently. I realized that life was so much more than comparing myself to others, getting married, and diminishing what I could potentially offer the world.

Kamau: What made you make the jump to go from reading inspiring authors to becoming one yourself?  

Jody-Ann - As the years progressed, I continued to write but never thought about publishing a book until I was in my early thirties.  In the summer of 2016, while sitting on my sofa and realized that fear was sinking me, so I made the decision to share my writing.
Despite the thoughts that lingered, “who would read it?” and questioning whether I was a good writer, I persisted and shared my first blog post on September 21, 2016.  I didn’t know how it would look and I didn’t care if I was going to be successful, I just wanted to share my story.
I was humbled by the feedback because much of what I experienced, other women were able to relate. A year later I self-published my first poetry book, Reflections of a Queen Rising, which is available on Amazon. Reflections of a Queen Rising mirrors a woman who is no longer afraid to write,  it mirrors a woman who has transformed her thinking, and it mirrors a woman who is always seeking ways to discover her highest potential.

Kamau: Ms. Buckle can you hit us with a little sample of your poetry?

Jody-Ann - Sure Kamau this is entitled Arrival Time...

Copyright 2016 - 2018 Jody-Ann Buckle "Arrival Time"

Spotlight On Author Jody-Ann Buckle Continues After Sponsor's Message Below...

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The Interview With Jody-Ann Buckle Continues Below...

Kamau: Ms. Buckle can you tell me who were some of the other writers who inspired you and influenced your writing?

Jody-Ann - Apart from reading some of Maya Angelou literary works, I didn’t read many books on poetry. In fact, growing up, reading was not on my list of things to do until later in life.

Later on in life, one of the books that helped to shift my perspective was written by Valarie Burton titled, “Successful Women Think Differently”. I read other books and also subscribed to Essence Magazine, reading many of their articles.

After reading Janelle Harris’s piece entitled, Alaska Renewal, I was even more inspired to share my story.  I fell in love with her work and love how she uses her platforms to support writers. Feel free to check out some of her work here, http://www.thewriteordiechick.com/my-work/.

Kamau: Jody-Ann it is very interesting how you eventually started writing poetry. Can you tell me some of the challenges you faced becoming a self published author?

Jody-Ann - One of the challenges I had with publishing my first book, Reflections of a Queen Rising, was not so much the editing, but finding a book cover that speaks to what I wanted to portray.  I had two unsuccessful attempts to do a book cover and then decided to go with an online freelancer. The thoughts came knocking, “to give up” but yet, still I persisted.

I frankly didn’t know what to do, but I learned along the way and took advice from others who published their books through, Create Space, an on demand publishing company.  It wasn’t easy working full-time to then come home, devoting hours and hours of formatting, editing and making sure everything was in its proper position.

Nevertheless, again, I persisted. Balancing my time still becomes challenging at times as I try to equate work, play, exercise, eating healthy and the list goes on.

Kamau - Ms. Buckle I know being an author is very demanding.  I've written a couple of books myself and I can certainly relate.  Can you tell us some of your goals moving forward and where viewers can get your books?

Jody-Ann - One of my goals for 2018 and beyond is to balance my time more effectively and devote more hours to writing and reading.  Some of my other goals include writing and publishing a novel and seeing more of the world by traveling.
Since making the decision to start a blogging website and publishing my first book I’ve met some really cool people along the way right here in Southeast Queens.  Only a few weeks ago, I along with three other women authors after meeting at a vending event decided to start a writers group called, Inspired Ink NY.

On April 28, 2018, we hosted our first event, which was a success. It was refreshing to hear the stories during this meeting and I hope that I can inspire others to pursue their hidden talent.  Although it took me years to embrace my talent, it can shorten significantly once you have the right mindset and people in your life. Everyone has a story, so don’t diminish yours if you truly want to be heard.
If you would like to connect feel free to contact me:
on IG: https://www.instagram.com/bucklewithjo/ or subscribe to my newsletter on my website, www.bucklewithjo.com.

As you are shopping for the next good read, check out my book, Reflections of a Queen Rising on Amazon: click here. If you live in Southeast Queens and looking for a writers group, join our page, Inspired Ink on Facebook.

Kamau - Jody-Ann can you close us out with another of your powerful and moving poems...

Jody-Ann Sure I can. I call this one Fight...

Copyright 2016 - 2018, Jody-Ann Buckle "Fight"

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