Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Is Netflix And Hollywood Overall Undervaluing The Talents Of Black Women Comedians?

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Are Black Women Comedians
Being Devalued In Hollywood?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (something I've been known to do from time to time) I'm sure you saw the video shared by Mo'Nique, the comedian, asking for us to join her for a boycott of Netflix for racial and gender bias.  I know I'm not the guy really up on celebrity news.

But I was wondering if someone could explain to me why Monique is being offered only offered $500,000 by Netflix, when Amy Schumer is getting paid over 10 million?  Because right now this has me feeling some kinda way.

There has been rumors that they offered Mo'Nique $2.5 million or 3 million.  However, none of those rumors have been confirmed and Mo'Nique denies them.  I would think Mo'Nique would take millions of dollars because that is nothing to sneeze at even for her. 

I'd never heard of Amy Schumer before this Monique controversy with Netflix.  However, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock or David Chappelle isn't the issue here in my humble opinion.

They all got offered tens of millions of dollars according to accounts I've seen.  The issue for me is: are black women comedians getting fair compensation by Netflix and the entertainment industry as a whole?

For instance Wanda Sykes said Netflix offered her $250,000.  This seems to be pattern and practice to offer low ball compensation to women comedians by Netflix.  

By Thomas Attila Lewis - Mo'Nique, winner of the 2010 SAG award and Oscar Award Winning Actress

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According to Monique, when she asked about the disparity between her offer and Amy's offer they said Amy sold out Madison Square Garden twice and had a hit movie over the Summer.  OK Netflix got it. However...

MSG holds 19,000 or so attendees. That's amazing. But also Monique took a $10 million dollar movie and helped it make $47 million. She's an Oscar winner and deserves more than a $500,000 offer.

I get it. I really do - she isn't as hot as Amy, Rock, or Chapelle right now.

But I think 500K was a bit disrespectful. I mean if you can't command a decent compensation with an Oscar - when da hell can you command it?

Netflix is offering her $500,000. That's like saying they only expect 50,000 to 100,000 people to watch a comedy special with Monique on a platform with 6 million Black subscribers in the US. Sorry I don't buy it. Offer her more money Netflix.

I know I've seen many people in social media state in some way or form they don't like Mo'Nique's attitude or disposition.  This has a lot to do with target marketing. 

For instance I see a lot of Blacks who feel Amy isn't funny, not talented, or a hack. I dunno I never listened to her. I'm not Amy's target market. I never heard of her until this Monique thing.

I was asked "name one Black women comedian who is as funny as Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle?"  I think Mo'Nique and Wanda are just as funny as the guys although Mo'Nique is sardonic and vulgar at times. I think what may be happening is Black men may not like the subject matter of Black women comedians because it makes fun of them sometimes.

So they are getting less support whereas Black women may still support Black men comedians even though the subject matter may make fun of them at times. I dunno just my speculation. However, in my surfing on social media I still see a lot of people who still like Mo'Nique's comedy too.

Remember some blacks like Monique. NetFlix is an 8.8 Billion dollar company. They have I estimate 6 million Black subscribers making over 1/2 Billion dollars from Blacks in the US. Possibly almost 1 Billion from Blacks worldwide. Hell naw let them offer Monique more that $500,000. She's won an Oscar, paid her dues on the comedy circuits. Let them offer her a decent deal.

Also she got paid $50,000 for a movie that made $47 million dollars in the past.  How many more low ball deals must she take?   And most of us if we won an Oscar and got paid $50,000 (while the producers of Precious made $47 million) would be pissed too.

Keep it real. If we didn't get pissed off it would be a reflection of our self worth.

And the comedy special would have been on NetFlix forever drawing eyeballs and she is supposed to make $500,000 while no doubt millions of people will be viewing it? Naw. Let them pay her more money.

What if 30% of Black subscribers to NetFlix agree with her or sympathize with her. Even if they don't boycott that tarnishes your brand.

What if 10% of Blacks boycott or just 600,000 people out of 6 million Black subscribers (just hypothetically). That's $5.4 million they'd lose the 1st month or 64 million a year. We black people undervalue our potential impact.

If I were a Netflix executive I'd be praying this whole mess would just go away. I'd not be taking it lightly.   I hope Netflix and other entertainment companies take Black women's compensation more seriously in the future.

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