Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Joel Osteen and Houston's Storm A View From The Southeast Queens Streets

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By Kamau Austin

I'm not a fan of prosperity preachers. I'm really more into the Churches, like the socially active ones we have in Southeast Queens, which support things like homeless shelters, 1st time buyers building complexes, food pantries, battered women's shelters, credit unions, senior citizen homes, and economic and social programs. Yes, they do exist in our area in ministries like Allen AME Cathedral, St. Albans Congregation Church, Bethany Baptist Church, and many others.

However, after seeing claims and counterclaims about Pastor Osteen's inability to help people seeking refuge in Houston I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Why you may ask?

Picture courtesy - Robert M Worsham

Because he is one of the few mega-church pastors that extended himself to help people in Haiti and Katrina having similar problems that I know of in the past. I have to believe that since he helped people during the Haiti Crisis (when other evangelical TV pastors where claiming Haiti was cursed) and persons in Katrina, he'd want to help people in his native state.

I've read and watched enough to come to this opinion from what I read. To be honest Pastor Osteen, is one of the few prosperity preachers I can listen to for more than a few minutes without getting a headache. Let's cut the man some slack and look into how we can help with donations or supplies and not be a bunch of finger pointers. The people of Houston now need our unified help.

From what I've been able to gather it has been shown that his church on the outside wasn't inaccessible when people went there to video the Church.  However, inside the Church there seemed to be flooding and a liability hazard which he would want cleared up before having a lot of people in the building.

Now some Christians may feel like one of my Facebook Friends and therefore agree with the below statement...
    "The only thing a church should be concerned about is the souls of mankind.
    Anything less is not Christian at all.
    This storm in Texas is putting megachurches in the spotlight."
However, I like the way Southeast Queens activist churches look at Christian ministry based on my Bible, religious, and theological studies: 
    Actually the word soul in the Hebrew meant the entire person usually embodied in the organs and blood. The Spirit was the air (God breathed into Man and he became a living Soul).  It comes from the Hebrew word nephesh to read more about the word click here

    Any life issue is a soul issue. If you notice in Jesus' ministry he healed people, fed people, gave sight to the blind - in short was concerned about the soul (every aspect of the person's life). Being in the eye of a storm and needing refuge is a soul issue because it is a life issue.

    The concept of the spiritual being separate from the physical life issues of a person is really a Greek concept. Saving souls in the original understanding means helping others in every aspect of life - not just going to heaven.
Let's be a part of the solution...

One of the contributors to the Southeast Queens Scoop, prominent activist and entrepreneur in our area Terryl Ebony will be coordinating sending supplies to Texas.  Here is her Facebook message and link below...

HELP FOR HOUSTON. It is a wonderful feeling when you can actually be part of the solution. Therefore, my good friend Kenya Bryan and I are sending care packages and supplies to Texas. The wonderful Pastor Ed Perry, who lives in Texas will make sure that our supplies get to those truly in need. So know that your donations are appreciated and will not go into the wrong hands.

Shipments are going out on Sept 6th. We are in need of the following items:

-Baby Food (preferably pouches)
-Baby formula
-Also school supplies

Any and all help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Inbox me for drop off times and locations, or if you choose to make a financial donation towards the shipping. Thank you again.  To reach Terryl Ebony on Facebook Click Here

BTW for those who would use this horrific tragedy to question God about this natural calamity remember environmentalists have been telling us about global warming and natural disasters associated with it. This is record rain fall, I have heard, in parts of Texas. It may be time for us to make some changes to save our environment and not blame God. IJS

Below are some videos and pictures that illustrate my points.

Video Taken of the Outside of Joel Osteen's Church

Pictures Purportedly Of Joel Osteen's Church Flooding Indoors Courtesy CNN

By Kamau Austin, Publisher Southeast Queens Scoop


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