Friday, September 1, 2017

Tyler Perry Donates 1 Million Dollars To Hurricane Harvey Victims - Joel Osteen's Church And Beyonce's Pastor Rudy Rasmus for Relief Efforts

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By Kamau Austin

National News - Television and movie mogul Tyler Perry, of Madea fame, has pledged $1 million dollars to help with Hurricane Harvey victims displaced and challenged by the brutal storm. He is very concerned about his donations getting into the right places and hands of people with "boots on the ground" according to Perry.

He is presently concerned about this because he alluded to giving a lot of money to Hurricane Katrina efforts but suggested some of his money wasn't utilized in the ways he had intended. He wants to make sure his money this time is going into the right hands.

Photos courtesy Jason Merrit/Getty - Tyler Perry, Joel Osteen, Robert M Worsham - Pastor Joel Osteen, - Rudy Rasmus

He is giving $250,000, which is a monetary vote of confidence to the distribution and relief efforts of Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, reported as the nation's largest church with over 40,000 members.  Osteen has come under intense scrutiny and fire on social media (followed by the major media) questioning his delay in opening his church to people seeking Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas.

Countless people questioned Joel Osteen's commitment to the people of Houston, during this trying tragedy and storm. Critics drew irony and strong criticism between his prosperity gospel and taking large donations from people and the sharp contrast of his slow response to help those needing shelter.

Many saw contradictions and some claimed downright "hypocrisy" with his delay in helping those in their time of need.  Some went as far to walk to the church and take videos of the Lakewood Church seemingly not flooded.  However Osteen clapped back that parts of the inside of his church was flooded and and wasn't safe.  Below are some pictures (courtesy of CNN) of the Church being flooded in some areas.

He also received criticism because he stated something like "the city of Houston didn't ask him to be a shelter.  It asked him to be a distribution center."  That seemed to rub critics even more the wrong way.  For instance Christian Blogger John 

"As a result of the pushback and condemnation you received, I imagine you feel like this has been a rough week. It hasn’t. You’ve had the week you probably should have had, all this considered. You’ve had the week that was coming long before rain ever started falling in Houston.

For quite a while, Pastor, many people have rightly concluded that the kind of opulence you sit nestled in no way resembles the homeless, itinerant street preacher Jesus who relied on the goodness of ordinary people to provide his daily needs. They rightly recognized that mansions are not places that servant leaders emulating this humble, foot-washing Jesus occupy. They correctly saw the massive chasm between the ever-grinning, your ship is coming in, name it and claim it prosperity promise that is your bread and butter—and the difficult, painful, sacrificial “you will have trouble” life that Jesus and those who followed him lived in the Gospels."

As this criticism illustrates perhaps some critics of Osteen seemed to be using this incident as the example of why they don't like his ministry and brand of gospel.  Similar criticism was quite widespread on social media.

Also on the other side many people came to his defense of Pastor Joel Osteen.  Checkout this more supportive Christian TV video below...

We at the Scoop are giving Osteen the benefit of the doubt because he helped people during the Katrina and Haiti disasters.  We also saw pictures inside the church showing flooding and unsafe conditions.  You can read our take on the issue by clicking here

Tyler Perry, explains he talked to Osteen over the phone and believes Joel's accounts of what happens.  He goes on to state: “I know that there’s been some controversy about Joel Osteen and him not opening the doors of the church,” Perry said. “Joel and Victoria are amazing people — there’s no way that they would lock people out of the church or not let people seek shelter.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, Tyler Perry, will be donating $250,000 to Beyonce's
Pastor Rudy Rasmus.  She will be working with her pastor who has an impressive record of working with Bey throughout the world to feed the homeless.  He also runs a program to house the homeless in Houston and has won numerous awards for doing so in the past.
If Bey and Tyler are working with Rudy Rasmus he must have some integrity.  You can find out more about his church and their relief efforts by clicking here.  So we wish these efforts well.  In Southeast Queens we have one of our contributors and respected activists in our community spearheading efforts to give to Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston.
Pastor Rudy Rasmus

My good friend of many years on Facebook who lives in the area has this to say about Rudy Rasmus and his church "Yes I know both him and his wife they've served tirelessly with integrity for more than 25 years in our community. I've worked alongside them on a few projects, if you want to know if they are credible I can vouch for them."

A friend, supporter, and regular featured contributor to the Southeast Queens Scoop, Terry Ebony a highly respected activist for many years in our area will be spearheading efforts to get supplies to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

See Terryl Ebony's appeal below...

HELP FOR HOUSTON.  By Terryl Ebony - It is a wonderful feeling when you can actually be part of the solution. Therefore, my good friend Kenya Bryan and I are sending care packages and supplies to Texas. The wonderful Pastor Ed Perry, who lives in Texas, will make sure that our supplies get to those truly in need. So know that your donations are appreciated and will not go into the wrong hands.

Shipments are going out on Sept 6th. We are in need of the following items: 

-Baby Food (preferably pouches)
-Baby formula
-Also school supplies 

Any and all help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Inbox me for drop off times and locations, or if you choose to make a financial donation towards the shipping. Thank you again.  To reach Terryl Ebony on Facebook Click Here

Kamau Austin, Publisher


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