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Checkout These 7 Outstanding Women Leaders Changing the Success Game In Southeast Queens NYC

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7 Outstanding Black Women Leaders Of 2022 Empowering Southeast Queens 
By Kamau Austin

NYC Council Speaker Adrienne Adams (Left) and NYC Council Majority Whip Selvena N. Brooks-Powers (Right)
Black women really made black history in Southeast Queens, New York, in 2022.  I feel Black women working diligently within our Black organizations, businesses, and the community at large - are the glue which holds us together.

These are seven (7) outstanding women in Southeast Queens making history while also nurturing a difference in our community.  We want to end the year on a high note highlighting these women in Southeast Queens, New York, for their accomplishments in changing the empowerment game in the community.

New York Council Speaker Adrienne Adams
Adrienne Adams is the first Black woman to be selected as New York City Council Speaker.  Adrienne Adams, will be the Speaker of what is referred to as the most diverse New York City Council in history, with more women elected than ever before in the governing body.

According to her 
NYC Council Biography Adams was "Elected to the City Council in November 2017, she is also the first woman to represent District 28, which encompasses the Queens neighborhoods of Jamaica, Richmond Hill, Rochdale Village, and South Ozone Park."

Adrienne Adams has a long history of Community involvement with a background in education advocacy and the NYC Community School Board.  She is one of the highest-ranking blacks in New York City government.

Selvena N. Brooks-Powers
Selvena is the New York City Council Whip representing New York City Council District 31 in Southeast Queens.  The NYC Council Biography on Selvena N. Brooks-Powers states "Powers helped to secure $95 million in restoration to fund the 116th Precinct, expand the Cure Violence program into the 105th Precinct, and establish a permanent COVID-19 vaccine site.

A dedicated public servant for 17 years and lifelong resident of Southeast Queens, Selvena Brooks-Powers, is the proud daughter of immigrant parents and is devoted to fighting for what’s right and delivering results. As a community organizer, Selvena drove high-impact initiatives on critical issues, including education, voting rights and empowerment, racial and economic justice, relief efforts post-Hurricane Katrina, M/WBE opportunities, and workers’ rights."

The Whip's responsibilities usually in government is to whip the party into line to support certain legislation.  With Selvena's impressive career we feel confident she is up to the challenge.  We pray for her and wish her the best.

Next we go from women leaders in government to checkout women changing the game in business and community organizing.

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Article On 7 Outstanding Black Women Leaders Changing the Success Game In Southeast Queens Continues Below...

Adrienne Whaley, Queens Underground, Black History Film Festival

Adrienne Whaley, is the energetic, creative, and artsy leader of the Queens Underground, and the Black History Film Festival.  Whaley, has gotten many people of diverse backgrounds aware and supportive of the arts in Southeast Queens.  She has also spearheaded the Black History Film Festival and the subsequent Black And Brown History Film Festival in April.

The Black History Film Festival is quickly becoming one of the most recognized film festivals in the United States, getting local major media support.  Whaley is really passionate about the arts in Southeast Queens, and works hard to help it flourish in our area.

Aleeia Abraham, BlaQue Resource Network
An insightful and committed woman leader in Southeast Queens is Aleeia Abraham.  Aleeia is one of the co-founders of the Black Resource Network.

Abraham has been effective in organizing blacks to support businesses, community groups, and cultural institutions in Southeast Queens, NY.  She also helped to create a supportive informed community consisting of progressive leaning blacks in Jamaica and Southeast Queens.  Aleeia has a strong group or team of SE Queens residents who help her with the heavy community lifting.

The Black Resource Network has over 21,000 members on social media.  The virtual mobilizing group has diversified into various aspects of community support and the development.

Aleeia has not only built a supportive social media network but actually runs real world flash mobs to support businesses in the Jamaica and Southeast Queens area.  Aleeia has won many awards for her tireless and selfless work in the community.  To learn more about the BlaQue Resource Network Click Here

Aleeia Abraham Receiving One of Her Many Community Awards

Dianna Rose, Essential Kitchen, Laurelton Farmers Market
Dianna Rose, is doing exceptionally well when facilitating the development of local black businesses. Dianna wears many hats like running the well received Farmers Market in the parking lot near the Laurelton train station.

The Laurelton Farmers Market, has helped give exposure to viable businesses like Ernest Whole Foods in Southeast Queens.  Dianna has also developed the Essential Kitchen, which allows blacks in the culinary arts to have a commercial kitchen to develop their food service businesses.  The Essential Kitchen, functions like an incubator for upcoming catering, restaurants, and food service companies.

Dianna has been very essential in helping to develop sustainable type businesses and to collectively develop business platforms for organizations and businesses in the area.  For her efforts she was one of the five winners of the prestigious David's Prize in NYC.  Recently Dianna revealed she has become "the Institute Of Concessions Program Coordinator through the JFK Redevelopment Program."  We pray her vision is sustainable in a big way in 2023.  To learn more about her operations click here

Dianna Rose At The Essential Kitchen

Diana Rose Was One Of The Finalist Of The Prestigious David's Prize

Danielle Douglas, Black Business Owners Forum 
Inspire Enterprise, Inc 
Danielle Douglas, a veteran consultant with business owners on getting contracts with government entities and the corporate sector, is the Founder of Black Business Owners Forum (BBOF).  Douglas is  driven to help build more viable businesses in Southeast Queens.

The BBOF website states "Danielle is President of Inspire Enterprise, Inc. a boutique business advisory firm focused on building the capacity of Minority and Women Business Enterprises to sustain and grow their businesses for greater impact on their clients, families, employees, and communities.

As a trailblazer, Danielle inspires other “movers and shakers” to learn new ideas and take positive action. Her business acumen serves as a foundation for leaders to expand their knowledge base and skills.

She has facilitated and guided Minority and Women Business Enterprises in the strategic planning process to achieve revenue growth and profitability and worked with the Columbia University CU Grow Program, The Port Authority of NY&NJ A&E Program, the Department of Small Business Services, and a host of other organizations to build the capacity of their small business community.

Danielle understood there was more work to be done. The pandemic and Black Lives Matter Movement declared that in no uncertain terms. The disparity within the MWBE community needed to be addressed. As a result, she founded The Council of Black Business Enterprises in August 2020 and planned the first annual Black Business Owners Forum." 

Douglas' BBOF, is focused on preparing small Black businesses for getting major or significant contract deals with corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions.  The Black Business Owners Forum goes beyond just teaching concepts and theory.  The virtual event actually connects Black business owners with managers of government, corporate agencies, and finance that make decisions on getting and fulfilling contracts.

Marsha Duke, Real Estate Agent, Founder BEST Networking Group
Marsha Duke, is a real estate pro, who has blessed the Southeast Queens area by also creating venues for the showcasing of black businesses.  Duke is primarily on a mission these days to help blacks build multi-generational wealth through real estate and business ownership.

Marsha uses social media effectively to connect with black homeowners and to inform the community about how best to build wealth through real estate ownership. Ma
rsha did a lot of online training to teach blacks how to prepare themselves to be homeowners by building their credit scores.

I asked Marsha in an interview if she could tell me how her services can enhance a person's ability to sell their home at a favorable sales rate?"

Marsha replied "The service I provide can be viewed as project management to get the house sold quickly as possible and for the best and highest price. I'm giving guidance to the homeowner and thoroughly explaining the process so they are aware of what needs to be done.

The marketing and strategy plan that I implement is key to getting the house sold. While managing the project, I am overseeing every step from beginning to end, coordinating with the lawyer, home inspection, appraiser, other agent and the buyer's bank. I manage and schedule the showing of the house. While I am managing the project I make sure that the process is moving along smoothly for the best results."

Marsha's skills are definitely needed in our area because since the 2008 recession homeowners in the Jamaica and Southeast Queens community took quite a hit in the real estate market.  
We wish her much success.

You can reach out to Marsha by clicking here

They are countless outstanding women in Southeast Queens.  SE Queens women  are doing great things for their families and communities.  However, these seven are outstanding examples and symbols of women looking to change the community for the better politically, economically and business-wise.

Who are some outstanding women in Southeast Queens that you think we should recognize?  Can you point to ladies the community should read about in articles in the future?  Please post their names and a paragraph or two about them in the comments section at the end of this page.

Writer's Bio:  Writer Kamau Austin, is the award winning Publisher of the Black News Scoop, The Southeast Queens Scoop, and Scoop Publications, a division of AMS Digital Media.  He is a long time activist, entrepreneur, and author.

Austin has been featured in Black Enterprise, Fortune Magazine Small Business, CNN, radio, cable, and countless newspapers and blog sites.

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