Monday, May 30, 2022

Learn About The Outstanding And Inspiring History Of Black Women In Aviation

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African American Creative and Impactful Women Aviation History, Ladson, South Carolina 2007-2022

Vanessa Dos Santos Human Resources Manager at Venture Aerobearings LLC, Ladson, South Carolina

Literary Critic: **The Family Journal, USA & Overseas Sarah McLean Literary Hall of Fame Inductee 2022

By HBCU Clark Atlanta University Scholar-Writer Jordan Singleton, Family Journal research associate and HBCU ECSU Author Dr. Charles L. Singleton, The Family Journal, USA & Overseas 

Enjoying and Sharing a Special Moment in Time: Vanessa said, “My Mom, ** Contributor Victoria Douglas Singleton, Family Journal Hall of Famer 2022, and Dad, Clement Albert Singleton, Jr. (1941-2019), I love you and appreciate all that you have done for me over the years.”  

Vanessa Singleton Do Santos, College of Charleston 2005 graduate, Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and Communications, is the maternal granddaughter of late ancestors:  Grandmother Susie Douglas Brown and the second daughter of Victoria and Clement Albert Singleton, Jr.  Vanessa's paternal grandmother was “Queen” Catherine Flood Singleton and the 5th generation of Tony Flood. Dum Spiro Spero, While I Breathe, I Hope.  Courtesy Photo of Venture Aerobearings, Ladson, South Carolina

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Article On Black Women In Aviation Continues Below...

Youth Apprenticeship is a Big Win for Venture Aerobearings: Interview with Vanessa Dos Santos, Human Resources Generalist, United States Venture Aerobearings LLC Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing, Ladson, South Carolina. See and read more at.

First African American female aircraft cockpit. Left, Flight Captain Rachelle Jones, Right, First Officer Stephanie Grant, Thursday, February 12, 2009. --- Dr. Von L. Burton, Jr., Real African American Heroes 2012. Yes, We Can! African American women continue to demonstrate professionalism, intelligence and unlimited potential, as they contribute to our overall struggles for unlimited freedom, access and opportunity in America. The sisters on Flights 5202 and 5106 (a jet owned by Atlantic Southeast Airlines), have proven that African American women can do anything if just given a fair opportunity. They made history on Thursday, February 12, 2009, as the first all African American female cockpit. Once again, we are hoping that you will visit this factual and historically based website for a treasure trove of educational stories and biographies. I am sure you will enjoy it; because there is much more to study and learn about. — The Family Journal, USA & Overseas, Volume 2, Issue 17, 2012, Limited Edition, page 2.

Aerospace Ball Bearings and Aviation Science: High flying Aero jets’ aircraft engines (roller bearings) are essential to aviation success at HBCU Elizabeth City State University’s noteworthy and outstanding Aviation Program (2010), Elizabeth City, North Carolina and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Viking Pride.

Elizabeth City State University Vikings 1891 Motto: To Live is to Learn. Chancellor Dr. Karrie G. Dixon

Why ECSU? Read More. Elizabeth City Regional Airport: US Coast Guard Air Station

Those of you, who are willing and able, can make a GoFundMe Non 501(c) (3) financial contribution to support the continuance of The Family Journal, USA & Overseas publications, special-recognition-monetary awards, and Halls of Fame. Continue your reading of Dr. Singleton’s informative publications by clicking here.

Research Credits: Google Grammarian (GG), Microsoft Bing, Drayton Flood Singleton Intellectual Properties, SC, Wikipedia, YouTube, Scoop Publications, and The Family Journal, USA & Overseas Literary Archivists.

ECSU Atlanta Metro Alumni Chapter, AMAC since 1978, Atlanta, Georgia:   

Atlanta Metro Alumni Journal

Now, orbiting the Earth, April 2022: NASA astronaut-strategist for the Mars 2020 rover and return mission activities, Jessica Andrea Watkins, geologist and aquanaut, is the first African American woman International Space Station traveler (orbiting Earth at 4.76 miles/s or 5 miles per second). Astronauts have occupied the International Space Station since November 2000.

Actually, 30 years agoMae Carol Jemisonan American engineer, physician, NASA astronaut, STS-47 mission specialist, was the first African American woman, who successfully orbited the Earth on September 12–20, 1992.

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HBCU Clark Atlanta University Scholar-Writer Jordan Singleton: Family Journal Research Associate
*Clark Atlanta University, HBCU Private Methodist Research University, 1988;
Atlanta University, September 19, 1865: *Clark College 1869     
Copyright © 2005 - 2022 The Family Journal, USA & Overseas, Sarah McLean, Karen Merrilles & Charles L. Singleton| All Rights Reserved. Mr. Isreal T. Singleton, Editor-in- Review.

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