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Discover How Banker April Jackson Bakes In Order To Make Life A Bit Sweeter In Queens, NY

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Banker April Jackson Bakes Up Sugar Boss Creations To Make Life A Little Sweeter In Far Rockaway And Queens, NY

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Far Rockaway, Queens -- April Jackson is the creator of Sugar Boss Creations. Sugar Boss Creations, is a company that specializes in wowing their customers with their eyes first then their taste buds with cakes, cupcakes, chocolate covered sweets, candy dessert tables, edible images and many more delicious treats.  For the past two weeks, Jackson has also sold items from a selective menu advertising via social media and doing deliveries only during the COVID-19 crisis.  

April has been a proud resident of Far Rockaway since the 1970’s and attended and graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1992. Over the years April has attended Queens College and has returned to study Forensics Accounting. She has been in the banking industry for over twenty years and has held almost every position teller, manager, internal audit, and Vice President of Banking Operations. April is currently a Compliance Testing Analyst in Consumer Regulations.

April continues to participate in numerous community outreach events such as feeding the community during Thanksgiving, giving out school supplies and have participated in various Career Day Events. In June 2014, April went on a life changing missionary trip to Cap Haitian, Haiti with her church.

Ms. Jackson is a woman vested in her profession, budding entrepreneurial endeavors baking up delicious desserts, and helping our community.  Recently, she has donated cupcakes to St. John's Hospital and Clinic, in Far Rockaway.

For the past six years she has served as treasurer for the Women’s Industrial Service League Inc. In May 2018, April was honored and received the “Dedication for Community Service Award” for all of her community service throughout the years. April’s son Shaheem, age twenty-five is also following in her footsteps.

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Article On April Jackson And Her Sugar Boss Creations Company Continues Below...

As a young girl she always baked with her mother, Cecilia Venable, until she was mature enough to have an easy bake oven. April could remember growing up assisting her mom with making cookies and cakes. During her school age years every night after dinner, her mother would always have special desserts prepared for them. One thing she always remembered was all desserts were in fancy dishes, whether it was pudding, jello, or cupcakes it was always fancy. When April got older she would make bread, pies, cupcakes and cookies with her own family.

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April’s business was birthed out of volunteering to make some sweet potato pies for an event her church was having. The feedback was so overwhelming that she would sell them only twice a year, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving. From there it was making simple cupcakes for her co-workers.

One day someone said, “you really need to start your own business” and that was the birth of Sugar Boss Creations, in August of 2016. “Never in a million years did I think my love for baking and making people feel good could have come together.”

April says as a baker you don’t “reinvent” the cupcake recipe but you change it up to make it your own. She loves taking a banana pudding or peach cobbler recipe and turning them into cupcakes. You may have seen that done before, but she may do something a little different from another baker that makes her cupcakes stand out, like a little drizzle hear and there goes a long way.

Out of everything April bakes and decorates, cupcakes are her favorite. Cupcakes give you endless options of flavors, colors, and designs. “Being able to take a simple white batter and turn it into either a strawberry, red velvet or chocolate batter is so amazing. Let’s not forget about the buttercreams, whip creams, and cream cheese frostings. And after you have created the ultimate cupcake you get to dress it up. This is the wow factor not only for the customer but myself too.”

Here are some fun facts about April. People who are close to her would say that she has the personality similar to Lucille Ball. She always getting herself into little mishaps.

For example, she liked taking the first box off the shelf and will reach high for the untouched box way up top which will cause all the other boxes to come tumbling down.... Lol, she has been called Mr. Softy with sprinkles ice cream, Mary Sunshine and even Mary Poppins. April marches to the beat of her own drum, happy birds singing and blue skies everyday.

Although I have only been in business for three years, I am still amazed how God continues to push me further to bake, create and wow my customers of all ages. I am truly grateful for this gift that God blessed me with and the opportunity to share and inspire many.”   You can connect or contact April Jackson at the following

Instagram: @sugarbosscreations

Facebook: @sugarbosscreations

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