Monday, January 13, 2020

7-Year Old's New Song Teaches Financial Responsibility

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National Story --  Make room Nicki Minaj and Cardi B! There's a new rapper on the scene. Kennedy O'Neal (aka Super Kennedy) is only 7-years old, but she's already a lyrical maestro in the making on a mission to teach kids and adults about financial responsibility. To kick off the New Year, she is excited to release her debut single appropriately titled, "Piggy Bank."

"I had so much fun recording it. At first, I was a little nervous about recording, by my dad gave me the boost that I needed," Kennedy said. "I would tap on the microphone because I couldn’t believe my voice was being recorded. It is an unbelievable feeling."

According to a survey, 58 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Kennedy, who has been fascinated with money ever since she was in diapers, wants to do her part to inspire young people to work hard and save their money. That way they can enjoy financial freedom as they get older.

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Article On 7-Year Old Financial Responsibility Rapper Kennedy O'Neal Continues Below...

"Hundred dollars? Thanks. I'ma put that in my bank. When I go check my account, I don't want that to be blank. No, I don't want to go broke. I want my piggy to bank. This little piggy's not broke. This little piggy went right to the bank," she raps in her catchy single. "Pay what you owe on time. You don't want 50 to getcha. I play and I work, and I work and I play."

Kennedy's parents started teaching her about money at a young age and how important saving is. She's been hooked on saving and growing her money ever since. She may be just a kid, but she already understands the process of investing as well as flipping and renting properties for profit. Through her song, she hopes kids absorb the message she's trying to convey in a fun and creative way.

"I really want kids to save money! It's cool to get toys and stuff, but you have to save to get ahead. Toys break, but money can grow," Kennedy stressed.

Inspired by Beyonce and JoJo, Kennedy is currently in the process of working on an album to accompany the single. Kennedy helped write and produce her new song along with her dad (Chris "Done Deal" O'Neal), Tae Giovanni, DJ Chub, James Wood and Glenn Schick Mastering.

"My videographer is Tawaan Brown and he is amazing!" Kennedy said. "It would be awesome if Ellen DeGeneres could hear my song and have me on her show. She is sooo funny and everyone knows her! I know she could do a cool dance to it."

Kennedy is no stranger to taking part in projects that encourage kids to learn about money. In July 2018, Kennedy appeared on Good Morning America to promote her debut book titled, The Adventures of Super Kennedy: Saving and Investing. Along with teaching financial responsibility in a fun, entertaining way, she also believes it's just as important as giving back.

"I really like the idea of helping people. My goal is to help the people in Africa by giving them clean water. It's so important to me!" Kennedy stressed. "Missionaries come to my school and talk about their travels, and I really want to help the people in Africa."

Kennedy's single can be downloaded on all major platforms like iTunes, AppleMusic, YouTube, TickTok and all streaming services.

About Kennedy O'Neal:
Kennedy O'Neal is on a mission to help other kids learn the value of saving money. She knows that it's the key to building a more stable, secure future. She loves kids her age but gets concerned when she meets other children who do not know that they should be saving their money. When she's not busy adding money to her piggy bank, she enjoys taking part in gymnastics. To learn more, visit   (Watch the music video on YouTube)

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