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Black Woman Real Estate Boss, New VH1 Series

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Nationwide -- 'Love & Listings' star Samantha Barretto is all about giving back! The top real estate star with Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills is also a popular television personality, and philanthropist.

'Love & Listings,' which airs on VH1 Monday nights, 9/10C, is an edgy docu-series capturing the lives and lives of Los Angeles' hottest, young real estate moguls. In 2017, Samantha was approached by broker to the stars, Tai Savet, who offered her a spot on the show.

Recalling that moment, she thought the offer might interrupt her real estate career. But then, "I realized the impact the exposure would have on my business and charity work," says Barretto. "I advocate and spread awareness to help raise money for charities. Real estate and giving back to the community; those are my two passions in life."

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Video & Article On Love & Listings' star Samantha Barretto Continues Below...

Samantha Barretto was raised in San Diego, one of three girls born to highly educated parents and, let's double the charm - she's an identical twin! "Everyone in my family is a college graduate. I grew up in an affluent, upper-middle class environment, the kind where my sisters and I got cars on our 16th birthdays," she said, brightly. Then with a serious note, "But I knew at a young age, not everyone was as lucky as we were. When I was six years old, I had dreams of little girls in third-world countries hiding for safety. It broke my heart."

At a young age, Samantha was deeply impacted by society's inequities. "I wanted to help provide resources to them. As I got older, my faith in God and humanity grew stronger. I realized I'm here on Earth to be of service. I feel in my heart that I can make a huge impact in this world. I believe the exposure of the show will help me get there faster."

After graduating from college, Samantha moved to Las Vegas and worked for the Tao Group as a 'bottle waitress'. "My goal was to save a lot of money, while figuring out my next career path." Samantha saved $100,000 that year and soon began attending seminars and reading a lot of books. "And that's when I fell in love with real estate!"

Samantha gives away 10% of her income each and every paycheck; an incredibly unselfish act. "I read the book, Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason, which inspired me to balance money, success and charity." In turn, she started a movement called Giveback 10, which encourages people to give 10% of their income or time to charity. "I personally give 10% of my commission to a charity of my client's choice." #giveback10

Samantha sees her role on the show as a propellant to get people talking about her charity work. "Fifty thousand people are homeless in Los Angeles!" she explained. "So, I joined Project Paper Bag." @projectpaperbag. "We're a great group of people who make peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches once a month. Then, we fill paper bags with the sandwiches, snacks, water and hygiene products, and hand them out to the homeless on skid row."

Yes, that's right. The pretty, wholesome, fresh-faced, VH1 real estate star is not afraid to roll up her sleeves. "I want to inspire others to live with purpose, follow their dreams and accept hardships as mere stepping-stones to their destiny! We are all here to serve one another and inspire others."

She's also involved with The Leela Project, mentoring foster boys throughout Los Angeles. @TheLeelaProject. "With our leadership and support, these boys will be future doctors, teachers, lawyers and realtors!" The Leela Project is a literary program designed to help young men from low, socioeconomic areas with reading and writing. The program is currently offered in ten schools around the Los Angeles Unified School District, designed by top educators from around the country in hopes of closing the "opportunity gap" among at-risk youth.

Samantha is also involved with Hope 4 Kids, where she sponsors women through business school, and kids, 1st through 12th grades in Uganda.

We asked Samantha how she decompresses after a hard day's work in the high-stakes, Los Angeles pressure cooker. Her answer was remarkable. "When you silence your mind, your soul speaks. Listening to your inner voice leads to your truth. Meditation has brought me to more love, gratitude, peace, happiness and wisdom. I'm stronger and more grounded because of meditation."

Watch Samantha work, love and play every Monday nights, VH1 9/10c

11 Tips for the First-Time Home Buyer by Samantha Barretto

Buying a home can be intimidating, especially if you're a first-time home buyer. It's the biggest purchase you'll ever make! These helpful tips will help you navigate the process, save money and avoid common mistakes.

1. Start saving for a down payment early
2. Be Systematic in Your Approach
3. Buyer's Representation is Free
4. Communicate Clearly with Your Agent
5. Get Pre-Approved Before You Start House Hunting
6. Do Your Homework
7. Sit Down with your Agent and Let Them Walk You Through the Process
8. You Don't Need 20% Saved for a Down Payment
9. Have Cash in Reserves
10. Know Your Budget and Factor in All Housing Expenses
11. Don't Skip the Home Inspection

Samantha Barretto is a licensed realtor in the real estate industry. She is also a popular television personality starring in VH1's "Love & Listings."

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