Saturday, June 29, 2019

Growing A Small Business In Today's World

By Phil Andrews

New York, New York - Growing A Small Business In Today's World takes a variety of skillsets and mindsets. Business tasks are very different today with fast paced changing aspects of technology.

We rely on our cell phones, desktops, and iphones more today than any other device in the past. Our typical day often entails checking for missed messages throughout the day and don't forget responding to text messages all times of the day and night.

I must admit technology offers quite a bit of advantages in a wide range of activities. If you are into investing you might find yourself managing your acorn account, stash account, savings and checking account or retirement account via one of the above devices.

We can scan documents on our tiny phones or take a picture of image and send it to the receiver on the other end with the speed of light. How about taking a picture of a check front and back and depositing it into your account in an instant.

We rely on United States Postal Service less frequently no one misses the lines, but what about loss networking opportunities in one on one settings. Perhaps all is not loss as we talk to more people in a day than our ancestors would have ever imagined through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.etc.

We often get our news online while getting out of bed and our phones are intentionally place on our nightstands for easy access and viewing. Technology has certainly supported our nation's Paper Reduction Act and has made our lives better in some ways.

We are to be reminded that social isolation is a byproduct of this newfound technology and we should use it prudently, as there are important times in life when someone is delivering vital information to us, but technology is blocking our ability to hear this life changing information.

We must also be careful while driving or crossing the street in the midst of using technology. Birthdays are forever changed as we rarely get phone calls but we are bombarded with well wishes on social media.

Initially I tried to answer everyone personally, but now I take a more reserved approach and thank everyone at the end of the day. We now offer our condolences to a wider variety of people online which includes strangers, family, friends and business associates through the various social media channels.

Everyone seems to be a marketing expert but social media marketing has its rules of engagement which is a study in itself. Overall I believe technology is an asset and I also believe in the scholar Maulana Karenga's words We must ask ourselves technology for what?  Technology is only as good as the user!

Bio: Mr. Andrews had appeared on WABC Here and Now and is the current President of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce,Inc.

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