Thursday, August 9, 2018

Black Entrepreneur Launches "Millionaire Mentorship Show" Podcast

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 Nationwide  -- Ladies and gentleman, life is a series of events that creates memories which increase the value of happiness, success and wealth we experience. Today, you are meeting a man who has decades of experience as a lawyer, professor, author, songwriter, and network marketer while increasing revenues to create an example of success. 

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Dr. Herbert Harris of Wilmington, North Carolina has evolved into the Millionaire Mentor with a mission to help 6 million people develop the mindset and life skills that will shift their lives from struggle and confusion to growth and clarity.

He is known as the accessible Millionaire Mentor, bringing messages of empowerment and wealth through a top rated show on Bshani Radio called, "The Millionaire Mentorship Show" as well as providing a platform for individual attention through One-on-One Coaching, group strategizing through his Millionaire Mastermind Group Coaching, and public speaking.
 All of his endeavors stem from the philosophy that life is a skill which can be mastered once we obtain an understanding of the laws of success. His belief in the success of others grew from his experiences over the decades working with clients through law, educational institutions, politics and networking marketing.

Network Marketing laid the foundation for developing a series of financial gains which enfolded the principles from his book, The Twelve Universal Laws of Success -- an International Best Seller that is on the top 10 list for network marketers, business strategists, and personal development groups across the globe. The knowledge and experience that Dr. Harris possesses has provided millions with the skill of life to increase their successes in their personal development, relational wealth, and financial gains. As a top producing network marketer and one of the top African Americans to generate a sustainable network marketing business through Life Vantage, he has developed a team of over 5,000 individuals who are now increasing their health and wealth.

Can you image having access to a millionaire with experience, resources, and a heart of gold? Well, now you have, through Dr. Herbert Harris, the accessible Millionaire Mentor. Discover how to develop your habits and mind by listening to his weekly podcast:, gain a copy of the Twelve Universal Laws of Success, join the mastermind mind, and receive free gifts by visiting, and meet him in person by bringing him to inspire your next event by emailing or contacting him on Facebook at

He is always willing and ready to serve others with mastering the skill of life which is the motto of his company The Life Skill Institute. There is one thing that blends every business and endeavor together, and that is your philosophy of success. The accessible Millionaire Mentor believes success is about helping others achieve their goals, by being a support and sharing his expertise as a renaissance man to generate a foundation for at least 6 million people to spread the message and power of success to others.

It is time to transform while mastering the skill of life and Dr. Harris is available to assist, while reminding you, "The Best is Yet to Come."

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