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See How The Boss Black Women Business Event Gave The Recipe For Start Up Success In Southeast Queens

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Business Women With Startup Business Success Showcased By The Southeast Queens Scoop
by Kamau Austin
Dianna Rose Owner of Jars of Delight left, MC Nerine Dixon Middle, Marsha Duke Founder B.E.S.T. Networking Group, Right
Some very dynamic women business leaders having an impact in Southeast Queens, gathered together to learn the secrets of startup success and networking Saturday, March 24th, 2018, at the African Center Of Community Empowerment (ACCE) in St. Albans.  The program was sponsored by the Southeast Queens Scoop and the ACCE.

The speakers of the event were Marsha Duke, an accomplished real estate professional professional and Founder of the fast growing The B.E.S.T. Networking Group, and Dianna Rose, the owner of the artisan organic meal prep mail order food business, taking Southeast Queens by storm - Jars Of Delight!

The program was moderated by Nerine Dixon, an entrepreneur in the vocal coaching business, who helps aspiring vocal artists reach their full potential.  Ms. Duke was first up and she spoke about the importance of networking in growing your business.  She dropped some real jewels on being genuine with extending yourself to others with her experience with networking.

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Marsha Duke, Founder, B.E.S.T. Networking Group
Marsha Duke spoke about her background and how she inadvertently became interested in real estate.  She was adamant about the insight that meeting people in the real world was very important in growing your business.  She talked about the importance of networking outside of just using social media.

While she said posting on social media consistently and keeping her connections updated on upcoming events was very important she expressed "You have to get out and meet people." 

She stressed that networking on social media isn't enough and people needed to actually try to meet others and network on a personal level.  Furthermore, Marsha reflected on how she doesn't even push her business in her networking events.

Duke stressed how it is important to extend yourself to others and really get to know them rather than just pushing your business to be an effective networker.  Ms. Duke explained that the B.E.S.T. Networking Group is dedicated to helping members generate more business going beyond just receiving various membership and merchant fees.  We have to remember that people tend to do business with people they know and like.

Dianna Rose, Owner Of Jars Of Delight 
On the other hand Dianna Rose, the owner of Jars of Delight, talked about the business plan process.  She also talked about having faith and not being afraid to ask for business and referrals.

She explained that she didn't intend to go into the meal prep mail order business.  She started sharing her organic food at catering events and online on social media.

To her delight she started to cook up business with people asking her to buy her organic food products on a regular basis.  She had to create a system to prep the food in healthy ways without harmful ingredients like marinating to give it flavor without heavy handed salt or sugar.

She broke down her R.E.C.I.P.E. for Success:

R - research
E - expertise
C - caution
I - innovation
P - patents, Trademarks & Incorp.
E - execution

She also put an emphasis on not expecting family or loved ones to support you initially.  Rose also pointed out to avoid distractions that can waste your time like negative conversations and gossip.  Dianna exclaimed that as an entrepreneur you don't have time to waste with with negative and idle chatter.  "Broke folks are the ones who have time waste time talking negative about others" she shared.

She also reflected on how helping her 9-year old son Chae, a celebrated author of 3 books and an international speaker, inspired her to start her own business.  Her faith in God also is a big part of her taking a chance on leaving her job to launch her own business.

Dianna Rose's Jars Of Delight Products

Kamau Austin, Publisher of the Southeast Queens Scoop, sponsor of the event said "he felt women were the glue that keeps our communities together and the Scoop was honored to sponsor the event."    The event's MC Nerine Dixon, Project Manager for the Southeast Queens Scoop, said "she loved hosting the event, enjoyed meeting outstanding women at this rich affair, and she learned a lot."

To get more info on the BEST Networking Group or contact Marsha Duke click here.

To reach Dianna Rose or Jars Of Delight click here

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