Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Southeast Queens Rep Greg Meeks Calls For Congressional Investigations Into Claims Of President Trump's Sexual Misconduct

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From The Office Of US Congressman Gregory W. Meeks

Southeast Queens US Rep. Greg Meeks Introduces Resolution Calling for
Congress to Investigate Sexual Misconduct Claims against Pres. Trump

Rep. Gregory Meeks (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
Washington, D.C.— Congressman Gregory W. Meeks today introduced House Resolution 655, which calls upon Congress to investigate sexual misconduct claims against President Trump. Regarding the resolution’s introduction, Congressman Meeks issued the following statement:

"At the beginning of this year, millions of Americans—men and women alike—flooded the streets for the Women’s March to protest injustice and sexism. They protested and lifted their voices in the tradition of trailblazing Americans like Sojourner Truth and Gloria Steinem. Now, our nation is having a long overdue, watershed moment, with thousands of courageous women coming forward and uniting against sexual harassment."

Also Meeks statement went on to state "At a pivotal time, when the nation should be able to look to a President for moral leadership, we must look elsewhere. Instead of stamping out sexism, President Trump—who has bragged about committing sexual assault himself—has fanned its flames. He has resorted to claiming that all of the thirteen women with credible sexual misconduct allegations against him are liars. Well, it is time to get to the bottom of it."
Congressman Meeks further elaborated on his sentiments "When women share personal accounts of sexism and violence towards them, we should listen rather than summarily dismiss their concerns. We should investigate their claims and the people who allegedly committed them regardless of their status or station in life.  No American is above the law and no office is exempt from human decency."
Meek also proclaimed "That’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass my resolution and either create a select committee or utilize an existing one to investigate the sexual misconduct claims against President Donald J. Trump."

Although this will likely be a partisan issue Congressman Meeks is look for his proteges to look beyond party affiliation "Moral values are not exclusively Republican, nor are they reserved only for Democrats. I call on my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to live their moral values, support my resolution, and send a resounding message to women everywhere that the United States Congress stands with them in solidarity, and that no one, irrespective of position, has permission to abuse them.”

Women Ask For Investigation Into Sexual Misconduct By President Donald Trump

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