Friday, May 5, 2017

Your Hair and Beauty Can Now Sparkle in Southeast Queens

An up and coming Black beauty supply store - and more in
St. Albans, Queens, is Sparkle Hair and Beauty Supply Boutique for U Inc
. The address is 193-04 Linden Blvd, St. Albans, NY 11412.  They showcase custom wigs and quality ethnic beauty products. Sparkle Hair and Beauty is more of a boutique, where you can get fitted and furnished with quality hair products, weaving and braiding.  The haircare and beauty establishment also provides exclusive custom braiding hairstyling and even has a talented makeup artist on staff for women who need those services.  This especial comes in handy for women for weddings, galas, and special occasions.

The hair boutique has also recently launched an interactive website and digital marketing campaign.  The website can be viewed to see a broader selection of their products and services.  Click the link to see the new website of this Black owned St. Albans Hair and Beauty Store

The boutique is the collaboration of husband and wife team Christobelle Washington and Joseph Washington.  Ms. Washington has had earlier businesses in the haircare field and she wanted to try something more in the ethnic hair and beauty product field.
They opened their boutique in December, 2016.  It took them a few months and a lot of dedication to open the shop. The Washington's believe attentive customer focus and quality products are most important to their business.

Treating Black, African American and Caribbean women well is a very important issue in the haircare and beauty business these days. This is an issue that is making the news nationally.

Many African American women and men recently have expressed concern about the low representation of ownership for their ethnic group in the Black haircare and beauty supply market.  Significant numbers have complained about the lack of respectful customer service at ethnic hair care and beauty supply stores across the country.

This has been a recurring hot topic in some black communities for years.  Significant numbers of women have complained about this for a long time.  This is no secret because in social media videos that are often passed around these days we see altercations with owners of these stores and Black women.

Despite the contentious and dearth of Black representation in the Black beauty and hair supply store industry St. Albans has a number of hair and beauty supply stores sprouting up.  Sparkle Hair and Beauty Supply Boutique for U Inc., hopes to continue to stand out by providing the quality hair products, hairstyling, and customer service desperately needed in our area.

To reach them contact phone number: 718-413-4634 or Cell 347-863-9431.  Or checkout their: Black owned hair and beauty website   

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