Monday, January 20, 2014

A Soul Food Revival Spreads in Jamaica Queens

January 20th 2014, Jamaica, Queens - Across the street from one of south Queens' most progressive and largest mega-churches Allen AME Cathedral, is a soulful epicenter of a different sought. Directly across the street on Merrick Boulevard is the home of A Plate of Soul Restaurant. Although South Queens has other soul food eateries, which are mostly takeout places, A Plate of Soul, also offers a cozy cultural inspired ambience. The owners of A Plate of Soul restaurant have roots in the legendary Silvia's Restaurant and soul food franchise.

Nikko Holman, one of the owner operators of A Plate of Soul, is the grandson of pioneering restaurateur Silva of the eponymous Silvia's Restaurant fame. Mr. Holman ironically is low key and unassuming about his mom's legacy in that he is determined to create his own reputation and brand in the restaurant service industry. Nikko can be seen many evenings, like other savvy restaurant owners, mixing it up with patrons and engaging in uplifting conversations with guests.

A Plate of Soul Restaurant sports a cultural interior which embodies a positive testament to African- American culture. The waiters are friendly and courteous. The restaurant has some refreshing and tasty drinks they offer like the half-and-half: half lemonade and half iced tea. A Plate of Soul, really makes its mark cooking traditional soul food favorites like fried chicken, yams, collard greens, and fish and chips dishes with savory flourish. They're known for making staple dishes from the African American palette while preparing meals with the aplomb of being crispy and not greasy. Unlike many soul food restaurants A Plate of Soul even makes a very delightful turkey burger.

Also a great dessert to treat yourself to is the red velvet cake and peach cobbler. It is nice to see a revival of tasty soul food in the area where you can relax and converse with friends or loved ones in a nice cozy atmosphere. A Plate of Soul's arrival and future success bodes well for upward moving success in the economic development of South Jamaica Queens. A Plate of Soul is located at 110-46 Merrick Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11433. For business hours contact 718-880-1337. The Restaurant's menu can be seen at

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