Monday, December 18, 2017

See Why 3 Weeks After Brutal Murder Of Desiree Gibbons in Jamaica WI Her Mom Claims Her Case Is Being Mishandled

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After 3 Weeks There Are No Arrests For
The Murder Of  Desiree Gibbon

By Kamau Austin

After nearly 3 weeks there have been no arrests in the chilling case of Desiree Gibbons, The Hollis, Queens, resident who was brutally murdered on the Island of Jamaica, West Indies.  And her mother is losing confidence in the ability of the authorities in Jamaica to bring her killers to justice. Some accounts state Gibbons was staying in Jamaica, developing some media projects she was working on and reportedly looking to go to film school in Europe.  Other sources say she was just vacationing.

The Daily News, reported her grandparents owned an hotel on the island called "Gibb's Chateau
."  Desiree was 26, and her mother Andrea Cali-Gibbon, felt that she knew her killers.  She suggested Desiree was not the type to go out with people she didn't know.

According to Pix 11 News "Somebody summoned her out of that hotel," Cali-Gibbon said. "She knew them, and she knew them well. She had not been around them once or twice; she had been around these people multiple times. Probably in the three-plus weeks she was there."

Picture of the late Desiree Gibbon and her mother Andrea Cali-Gibbon Courtesy The Daily News

Desiree Gibbon's Mom and Dad
In fact the late Desiree Gibbons, left her cell phone in her room and told the door man she'd be right back according to her mom's accounts.  Security video equipment shows her in what appears to be walking out of the hotel upbeat and in good spirits right before she would never be seen again alive and  horrifically murdered.

According to Pix 11 News "She told the security guard she’d be right back," Cali-Gibbon told the Daily News. Andrea went on to say “Nobody spoke to her after that.”  If she left her cell phone in her room, which her mother claims she found collecting her things, that would be consistent with her saying "she'd be right back."

Her mom said "she was the person who found her daughter’s Jamaican cell phone while packing up her belongings."  Cali-Gibbon said she was shocked that the police wouldn’t have collected the phone as evidence.  Andrea Cali-Gibbon stated “They don’t care."

Andrea Gibbon, stated "she couldn't even recognize her daughter" expressing how brutalized her daughter's body had been.  She also has lost confidence with the authorities in Jamaica feeling her daughter's case was mishandled and wants to hire her own investigators to find her deceased daughter's killers if she has to in order to get justice.

We at the Scoop hope her killers are brought to justice as soon as possible.  If the investigation isn't being pursued vigorously perhaps other political and economic measures should be considered to move the investigation along.  The major media and Jamaican authorities may care little about her but we are concerned about the young women getting justice and her family getting closure.

Crime stats of the area around where Ms. Gibbons was killed are very high.  It has been revealed 12 murders took place 4 days around the time Desiree Gibbon was murdered.  

Perhaps the police or constables in the area are overwhelmed and need help.  Opposition leaders on the Island nation are lamenting that violent crime and murder is out of control. The late Desiree's Body was eventually brought back to the United States and her funeral organized to take place at Incarnation Parish in Queens Village, Queens, NYC.

Andrea Cali-Gibbon Talks to Jamaica, WI News

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