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Get The Scoop On How Accomplished Business CEO MSS. Francois Makes Relationship Humor Serious Business

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MSS. Francois Makes Relationship
Humor Serious Business

By Kamau Austin and Mss. Francois

Relationship influencer Mss. Francois, describes herself as Multi-Talented and Super Sexy (Mss).  Many agree with her given her growing following across social media.

While there are countless relationship influencers online, few have the humor, also as challenging but inspiring background, academic success, and the spirit of an overcomer like the outspoken and multi-talented Mss. Francois.

Mss. Francois only arrived on our shores in her late teens but has managed to get a couple of Master's Degrees (one in business), win a highly competitive Toastmaster's Championship Award, and secured a number of business leadership positions.  And it must be stated - she achieved all of this after almost being homeless at a young age! 

While many relationship influencers tend to drive a wedge between the genders, Mss. Francois focuses on personal introspective reflection and personal empowerment which can actually uplift and bring together well meaning people of both sexes.  Francois, posits and exudes concepts like loving oneself, being your best self, and knowing yourself which are of course characteristics that can make for better relationships with the right person. 

Mss. Francois brings humor to the serious businesses of relationships.  She often exclaims "that she's not being funny."  However, often her expressiveness and Caribbean vocal delivery is nevertheless funny and sometimes downright hilarious!

I nagged the super busy Mss. Francois for this exclusive interview and after a cuss and a fuss (just joking), she took the time to give us the scoop on her life, goals, and what drives her.

Her interview follows one of her videos below...


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Exclusive Interview On the
Serious Relationship Humor Of
Mss. Francois
Continues Below...

Kamau's Question:
Mss. Francois, thank you for taking time from your very busy schedule to share your journey and goals with us.  I found your act to be very informative and funny at the same time.

Can you tell me a little about your background? Like where you grew up and maybe went to school?

Mss. Francois' Answer:
  I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. In a single parent family household  with my dad, lil sister and 2 brothers little brothers (which were twins).

Earlier in life I experienced modest island living.  It consisted of school and church - and also helping to raise my siblings. I was very shy so I didn't talk much and then I migrated to the United States, in my late teens, which was very traumatic for me.

Coming from a very sheltered upbringing the United States, was a scary place; everything was bigger, louder and faster.  I had the mindset of a 10-year old and was easily manipulated.

I was not accustomed to thinking for myself. I always relied on the advice of adults with the assumption that they would always want the best for you, like in the islands, where everyone is like an aunty and uncle. That was my experience.

That's not the case in the USA.  But after having my personal items placed outside in a black garbage bag, with nowhere to go, you find inner strength to persevere.

I have managed to turn any trial into success by learning to laugh at myself and situations.

Kamau's Question: Who or what inspired you to take the leap of faith and go into your comedy inner-tainment business?

Mss. Francois' Answer: Let's say everyone, there are people that cross your path in life that pour into you - and they don't even know it.  Personally, I had no interest in doing anything comedic - whatsoever! But God has his way of leading to things you may not see for yourself.

Throughout my journey I have heard that I'm funny, which I never paid attention to because - I never thought I was funny.  I just thought I was being me and sharing my thoughts.

But as I traveled down the road of personal development I found my gift.  As it was described to me: your gift is something you are naturally good at without having to think about it. One of my gifts was making people laugh.

Thankfully, one of those paths led me to join Toastmasters in 2014.  It is an organization that builds confidence and teaches public speaking.

From there I started making speeches that were always on the humorous side, and with winning District 46 Toastmasters Humorous Competition for New York, the opportunities became endless.

Kamau's Question:  Mss. Francois, what exactly is your gig?  I mean you sorta defy categorization.  You share serious insights on relationships but in a jovial way.  What UP wit You?

Mss. Francois' Answer:  To define what it is I do is as follows. I am a humorous keynote speaker, that supports single women who are exploring romantic relationships.  And also I help women who are healing from a romantic relationship to rediscover their self identity and confidently transition into the next chapter of their lives.

Yes you should mic drop :)

But since the Mss in Mss Francois Means Multi-Talented and Super Sexy, I have been able to incorporate my skills in different arenas. In the entertainment world I perform what I call to be Comedic Monologues.

Which came about because I took my Toastmasters speeches and made them more animated and interactive and performed them on stages at events. These monologues are typically about 7 to 10 mins long, and they leave you with laughter and lessons.

Most of my comedic monologues are about women and relationships and the frustration that comes with finding your partner.  I found it to be very healing to laugh as I reflected on my own past relationships - and my healing process.

If you look up laughing it has so many benefits, your brain releases endorphins which are feel good chemicals which in turn reduces stress.  Laughter also creates social connection and promotes resilience and the ability to bounce back.

So I thought -  why not share my gift with the world and bring laughter and healing.

Kamau's Question:  Who are some of your favorite comedians of all time?

Mss. Francois' Answer: People ask me this question a lot, and since I never categorized myself as a comedian: I never truly give it thought. But since you asked I was forced to really think of who I admire in this genre.
Here it goes.  Mr Dave Chapelle, since the days of "Blue Streak," the movie where he played a thief alongside Martin Lawrence.

But what I love about Dave, is the fact that you have to use the frontal lobe of your brain when you listen to his comedy.  He brings comedy, knowledge and makes you go hummm.

His topics are thought provoking as well as funny - not a lot of people are able to do that.

Dr. Bill Cosby, I love his storytelling abilities, I have seen him perform twice in person. He has you from the beginning to the end. He takes something so trivial and is able to build on it. 

Build it into an entire show.  Lisa Lampanelli, is retired but I used to love her comedy for the shock value.

You were not sure if you should laugh.  And then you are looking around at everyone else deciding if this makes you a good or bad person if you laugh, and then you say - hell with it!  This is hilarious. 

So maybe I combined all three of these techniques when I'm performing: the story telling, shock value; and forcing the audience to use their frontal lobes.

Kamau's Question: Hhhhhhm... Lawd have mercy sis what do you look for when choosing material to crack jokes on?

Mss. Francois' Answer:  Oh so you think I crack jokes?  LOL!!!  Well I won't say I crack jokes.

I have a lot of respect for comedians that come out every night with material to make people laugh (knowing the immense stress they are under) if they don't make people laugh in under 3 seconds. But with my Comedic Monologues, it gives me at least 30 seconds, because monologue requires someone's full attention and - I have time to pull them into my story.

With that said it's mostly from life experience, and friends experiences.  But in addition, I have a TV show called The Mss Francois Show.

The tagline is "We have candid conversations, a variety of entertainment, and I use laughter to help you with your dysfunctional relationships."  Since the show just celebrated five years, I have done over 75 plus episodes.

I have had guests that spoke about relationships and experts who were coaches, therapists, and psychologists that have provided much insightful material along the way.

Relationships have a lot of bends and curves, and sometimes when women get together and share stories it's - sad and hilarious at the same time! So ladies if you are having conversations with me there is a good chance that it will end up in one of my monologues.
Kamau's Question: Can you tell us about some of your future comedy events you have planned?

Mss. Francois' Answer: Of Course Everton Bailey who is a musician/artist and Management Consultant has been instrumental in assisting me with several gigs.  For Women's Month which is in  March, I am in the process of booking speaking gigs as well as performing.

The following are some collaborations in the works, also see attachment for a flyer for an upcoming event.

Upcoming Events With Mss. Francois
Click Graphic Above To RSVP For Woman to Woman Summit

Click Graphic Above To RSVP For International Women Conference

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1. Woman to Woman Summit RSVP Click Here

2. International Women Conference RSVP Click Here
3. Women’s Empowerment Party RSVP Click Here

Join Mss. Francois' Regular Webinar
Click Graphic Above To Visit Thriving Goddesses Web Page

And so much more to come... 

Kamau's Question: What do you hope to accomplish with your entertainment chops?  Is it a much deeper means to an end?

Mss. Francois' Answer: My vision for myself when it comes to the entertainment world is to take my one woman show "FRUSTRATED" nationally and internationally. It's about a young woman's hilarious journey to find Mr. right only to find out that she has to be "Mrs. right" to attract what she desires.

Looking for sponsorship in order to get this successfully off the ground, so feel free to contact me so we can make this a success.

Kamau: What is the best way to contact you to find out about your future comedy shows?

Mss. Francois' Answer:  You can contact me on all social media FYI everything is under Mss_Francois

YouTube: Click Here






Checkout This Women's History Month Video With Mss. Francois

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