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Get The Scoop On How This Globally Savvy Family Of Exclusive Travel Entrepreneurs Expand Into The Fashion Business

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The Goring Family
Helps Us Travel and...
Now Dress In-Style!

World Travelers Glenn and Amanda Goring, and their two daughters, Brooklyn and Lexington, are the owners/operators of a successful luxury travel business called In-Style Travel
. Mom and Dad book the accommodations, curate travel itineraries, and serve as travel concierges for the luxury travel packages offered.

Meanwhile, the two daughters serve as travel influencers and video bloggers for their company’s YouTube channel, LittleMissTravelers. Together, this family travels in style and aims to show metaphorically and literally how we can also dress in style.

This Black History Month, they have launched their new Fashion brand Chic Wear By In-Style.  This worldwide traveled family begins their new journey by curating clothes from their African Culture and in nexus other rich cultural sources.

I persuaded the Mom of this travel family of entrepreneurs exordinaire to share with me their latest innovative business move.  My provocative exclusive interview with Amanda Goring, will begin after their fashion video and sponsor message below...  

Video and Exclusive Interview On The Gorings Global In-Style Travel Family Of Entrepreneurs Now Fashioning Chic Wear Designs Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Video & Exclusive Interview On The Gorings Global In-Style Travel Family Of Entrepreneurs Now Fashioning Chic Wear Designs
Continues Below...

Kamau's Question: Thanks Amanda, for taking the time to keep us up to date on your latest business move. Can you tell me a little about your background? Can you tell us a little about your In-Style Travel Business?

Amanda's Answer: Absolutely Kamau. Thanks for asking. Growing up as a child in Brooklyn, New York, my parents who worked very hard always emphasized education and becoming “somebody” or just get in the healthcare field and you'll be financially secure as a brown girl in America. I did exactly as I was told and became a doctor of pharmacy, but then, Something was still missing because I was one curious little girl who wanted to know everything and God had another calling for me. 

Moving to Manhattan NY with my family at the age of 20, even got my curiosity deeper because I saw the finer things and luxury travels in magazines and all around me but those seemed far beyond my reach.  After I graduated from Pharmacy School with my doctorate, I worked very hard to try and climb the corporate ladder but there was no time freedom. It was very demanding and wasn't a time rich life. 

That's when IN-STYLE Travel was born. As we ( my husband Glenn and I and our beautiful daughters Brooklyn and Lexington) traveled the world, we saw less and less Black and Brown families around the world traveling with their kids.

We had also had a bad experience with a travel agent who discouraged us from traveling with our babies.  We knew immediately that this was a problem. More so, Why were we the only black and brown Family when we traveled to most places? Either on the plane or the destination.  We knew how our kids enjoyed traveling so other kids would too. Was it the lack of awareness, or the lack of how we valued travel?

We wanted to do the same for other families. And we chose the LUXURY TRAVEL approach because we believe that we deserve quality services, cultural experience, the 5 star services and white glove approach. And the question is WHY NOT US?


So, we went ahead and partnered with our daughters Brooklyn eleven (11), and Lexington eight (8), and started their successful Youtube channel, Littlemistravelers. Brooklyn and Lexington are our daughters and our business partners. They are our little entrepreneurs and influencers sharing their stories through the many places we’ve been and telling other Black and Brown families especially that it is possible. If we can do it, they can also.

Honestly, My background as a Doctor of Pharmacy, has instilled in me an approach to planning and organization, ensuring that every travel itinerary and event we curate is done flawlessly and with the family as the focus always. My transition from healthcare to the luxury travel industry was driven by a desire to explore a more creative and fulfilling path, one that connects people with their dreams and passions and to believe that no matter what you desire, if you put your mind to it and work hard and never give up, you’ll achieve it.

2. Kamau's Question: Who or what inspired you to take the leap of faith and expand your entrepreneurial endeavors into the fashion business?

Amanda's Answer: First of all, that’s a great question. God has blessed us with a successful luxury travel business and as we traveled the world, and met other cultures, we couldn’t help but admire and respect their couture's. And the way they dressed simply told us where they were from and who they were. We have had this dream for a long time. I'll say ever since we started traveling the world to design our life so it tells our story even without introducing ourselves.

This was just the perfect time for this!!! We wanted to show our daughters and for them to understand that it’s ok to express yourself through fashion and make a statement by embracing who you are unapologetically - just like the other cultures do. 

This journey into fashion is more than expanding a business; it’s about creating our narrative, a platform where travel experiences and cultural stories are woven into the fabric of each garment. It’s a tribute to the adventurous spirit of ourselves and our clients and a celebration of the world’s rich cultural heritage."

Kamau's Question: Wow! What types of fashions will your clothing brand focus on?

Amanda's Answer: We’re focusing on Fashion for all and mainly custom made. It was important to us that we customize each and every piece, because every body type is different, everyone’s fashion is not the same.

Therefore, to cater to everyone’s fashion needs and to bring uniqueness and a touch of your story, every item is customized just for you. Our customized fits can be made for parties, the beach, getaways, birthdays and any event.

Chic Wear by In-Style is committed to creating fashion that’s not just a statement but a story – a blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural richness, traditional and contemporary fashion.

Of course we understand the needs of the modern traveler because that’s what we do. Our brand will offer casual wear that's chic yet comfortable for exploring new destinations. Think luxury travel essentials too – elegant, easy to wear, and versatile.

Kamau's Question: Can you tell us about some of your goals and plans for the future of your fashion business?  When do you plan to launch your fashion business?

Amanda's Answer: Thank you for asking about the future of Chic Wear by In-style. Our vision is to create a fashion line that transcends trends and resonates deeply with our customers' sense of identity and heritage and around the world experience. 

Looking ahead, we have several exciting goals and plans for our brand. While our initial collections celebrate dashiki prints and our connection to our roots, we plan to explore and incorporate diverse cultural elements from around the world. This aligns with our love for travel and desire to bring global stories to our fashion.

We aim to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our business, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to adopting ethical manufacturing processes. Fashion should not only look good but also feel good in terms of its impact on our planet.

We're looking forward to collaborating with local artisans and designers from various cultures. This will not only bring authenticity to our collections but also help support and uplift artisan communities globally.

We plan to leverage technology to offer personalized experiences to our customers. This could include virtual try-ons or using AI to recommend styles that align with customers' tastes and preferences.

As for our launch, we are targeting the beginning of February 2024 for Black history month. 

We're pouring our passion and dedication into every detail to ensure that our debut collection not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clientele. Chic Wear by Instyle is more than a fashion line; it’s a movement that celebrates culture, and empowerment through fashion."

Kamau's Question:  What type of synergy will your Travel Company and Fashion brand have overall?

Amanda's Answer: Both the travel company, IN-STYLE TRAVEL  and the fashion brand ChicWearbyIN-STYLE are built on a foundation of shared values – exploration, identity, and cultural appreciation. We see our fashion brand as an extension of the narratives we encounter in our travels. 

Each piece of clothing is not just an item of fashion; it's also a narrative of adventure, an artifact of self discovery as well as expression of who you are. In essence, In-style Travel and Chic Wear by Instyle together represent a complete lifestyle brand.

It's a blend of exploring the world and showcasing your journey through fashion."

Kamau: What is the best way to contact you?

Amanda's Answer:... You can contact us on Facebook at

To Checkout The CHICWEAR BY IN-STYLE Website Click Here

Phone number: 804-234-6042

IG :

IG :

YT :

Travel Website:

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