Friday, August 28, 2020

See The World Class Jazz Of Jackson Room Streamed FREE Live From Jamaica NY Tonight

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Highly Acclaimed Ed Jackson To Stream FREE Electrifying Jackson Room Jazz Performance Live In Light Of COVID-19 And Racial Injustice Protests

By Kamau Austin, Publisher The Southeast Queens Scoop

St. Albans, NY -- It's been awhile since residents in Jamaica and Southeast Queens, NYC had the opportunity to see mesmerizing world class performances at the Jackson Room.  Before COVID-19 drove a worldwide pandemic, tastefully supportive patrons have attended highly entertaining monthly jazz performances at Jackson Room for almost a decade.

"We miss our Jackson Room audience and they say absence makes the heart grow stronger," says multi-talented sax player extraordinaire Ed Jackson.  Jackson is also an highly successful entrepreneur and club owner of the community epicenter of jazz -- Jackson Room.

Jackson also states "Yes, these are challenging times pushing us to all to survive and change our way of doing things."  However, Ed feels we shouldn't despair because he believes "every storm In life is followed by a Rainbow!"

The Jackson Room is dedicated to not only to survive these challenging times but to actually thrive by tapping into Jackson and his quartet's inner creativity and resilient strength. Jackson Room was started to bring world class jazz back to our community?

Although we in the community can't come out to enjoy entertaining and motivating end of the month jazz at Jackson Room, Ed Jackson and his cadre of outstanding musicians will be bringing Jackson Room jazz to you in live video -- via the internet. Ed exclaims "we will begin live video streaming of the captivating and mesmerizing Jackson Room jazz to you, others in our community, and also now the world!"

Ed Jackson will be kicking it off This Saturday, August 29th, 2020 at 8:30 pm. You don't wanna miss this historic live video streaming of The Ed Jackson Quartet, from the Jackson Room. You can Register now for this live video event streamed online.

Article & Video On Ed Jackson To Stream Live Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Video And Article On Jackson Room Streaming Performances Live Continues Below...

Jackson Room has assembled a brilliant group of shining gems in jazz artistry. Their polished diamonds of jazz brilliance for the evening will be: 

Cecilia Coleman - Piano

Essiet Essiet - Bass

Lionel Cordew - Drums

Ed Jackson - Sax

Be there on the live stream and also share with this historic Jackson Room event with friends. Help this online video event go viral in a positive way.   Why don't you register nowDon't forget Diamonds become brilliant because of pressure.

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