Saturday, February 1, 2020

Engineer Develops Patented Solar Power Technology Being Used By HBCUs

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Solar-powered workstations developed by Matthew N. Portis are already being used by several HBCUs across the country including Bowie State University and the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). His other clients include Shell Oil Company and the City of Orlando Florida.

Fort Washington, MD -- SolGreen is the first and only Black-owned and operated company to develop and bring to market innovative clean technology solutions for communities internationally. Founded by inventor and engineer Matthew N. Portis, the company has installed their Evoida Solar Power Workstations at several HBCUs including Bowie State University and UDC, and they have just recently installed their 80th workstation at Park of the Americas in the City of Orlando, Florida.

The Evoida Solar Power Workstation is a commercially available green energy technology serving as a sustainable renewable energy solution for everyday on the go device users. This renewable energy solution is a groundbreaking net zero technology, being a commercially available solar powered workstation that delivers safe, reliable and long-lasting grid-free clean energy for powering on the go digital devices.

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Article On SolGreen Evoida Solar Power Workstations Continues Below...

Evodia solar power workstation combines extraordinary photovoltaic power with exceptional user comfort and ease of use. This durable system has survived a Category 4 hurricane (Irma 2017), up to three feet of flooding and over 140 MPH winds. The fabricated steel and fiberglass structure are custom developed for long term durability and off the grid power collection, storage and distribution. SolGreen Evodia uses fabricated built-in user interface software and patented PVSE system to provide a reliable safe experience with safety sensors that automatically shut down power to all power outlets once impending weather conditions are detected via the Evoida's rain sensors.

SolGreen Evodia fuels up to twenty (20) U.S. Jobs across manufacturing and clean energy per each unit sold building industry alliances between; U.S. steel and fiberglass manufacturing, electronics and photovoltaic systems engineering, and America's clean energy and trucking sector. SolGreen's Evodia solar power workstation is the world's first family of commercial off the shelf technology (COTs) using off-the-grid micro power systems to provide unlimited, grid- free safe and reliable solar power that provide users with access to amenities of outdoor social gathering spaces thus making communities more sustainable, more safe, resilient and socially connected.

Every SolGreen Evoida Solar Power Table Workstation feature:

* ADA compliant with back supported seating for four (4) users.
* Wheelchair accessibility for two (2) wheelchairs.
* Four (4) power outlets with, 110V (DC) of power.
* Four (4) USB plug-in charging outlets.
* Built-in LED lights that automatically turn on during sunset and turn off during sunrise.
* Outdoor rated Wifi Capability.
* A made in the USA manufactures guarantee.
* 100% shade covered canopy shelter that protects users from sun, rain, and snow.
* Automated U.S. Patented safety technology only by SolGreen®, that alerts users during inclement weather and allows two-way communication between first responders.
* No power downtime with 24 hours of collected and stored solar energy via maintenance free batteries to provide power to eight (8) portable devices 24/7.
* Pre-wired and professionally fabricate to the National Electronics Codes (NEC 2018) for quick installation in under six hours.
* Anti-mold and anti-graffiti textured steel and seat finishing for durability up to 20 years.
* Environmentally tested and proven to withstand up to a Category 4 hurricane winds, 140 MPH wind, snow load, extreme heat, cold and earthquakes.
* Net Zero carbon emission output and grid free power delivery.

Users simply plug-in and power their devices at any time - day or night. Their customers are no longer constrained to spending unnecessary money on grid tied power, and may now provide a safe, well lit, and reliable outdoor space that meets the everyday needs of communities and people enjoying outdoor amenities. Traditional energy companies are becoming more irresponsible in the wake of man-made climate change. Each SolGreen Evoida solar power workstation outputs an average of 1800 Voltage DC per day, and delivers America's outdoor infrastructure with an average of 650,760 Volts DC of grid free power annually with an average cost savings to their customers of $2100 annually per workstation (based on national average 12.3kW hours) while also enhancing public outdoor social gathering spaces with ADA compliant seating and shade while also lowering the planet's carbon footprint with a net-zero emissions technology.

"We believe SolGreen Evodia represents the future direction of a new market of microgrid technology used for commercial DC Power consumption," says Portis.

The Evodia arrives pre-wired for quick installation and is fabricated to the National Electronics Codes (NEC 2018). The SolGreen® Evodia Solar workstation retail price start at $23,699 (U.S. dollars); which comes with their 15-year manufacturer guarantee, two-year full-service warranty with optional paid 5 - 7 year service, and their onsite professional installation assistance. Evodia Solar Power Workstation is available for custom order now and arrives 3-5 weeks from order - immediately ready to bring clean energy and savings to their customers.

Evodia Enhances the Outdoor Infrastructure Experience

In today's world of greater digital connectivity, individuals require the outdoor spaces that they inhabit to provide greater power and lighting with safe accommodations for their everyday needs.

The Evodia Solar power Table was invented by Portis, a former Raytheon Systems Test Engineer, and developed by SolGreen® in 2012. The SolGreen Evoida is the only commercially available solar power workstation in the U.S. to survive a hurricane and continue safely providing power to its customer after the storm. Four (4) Evodia Solar Tables famously withstood the Category 4 Hurricane Irma (Miami, FL 2017) and continued to provide users and facilities with 100% renewable power the next day, allowing victims of the storm to access necessary power while the grid was down, and continue providing Miami Florida International University with safe power and LED lighting today.

SolGreen's Evodia Solar Power Table and Workstation is aimed at delivering safe reliable 100% grid-free clean energy to a broad group of businesspeople, park goers and college students.

Evodia Solar Power Table Sales Outlook

SolGreen is a privately Black-owned business that is registered as a DE corporation and doing business in all 50 states under their U.S. Registered trademark SolGreen®. SolGreen is the "Apple" of the green technology as worldwide sales of Evodia have produced over 80 units across the US and Canada since 2013 and could total over 2.3 Billion dollars in revenue sales by 2024 with only 10,000 units sold at their current market price. 45% of their sales are targeted towards colleges and universities, 35% percent to communities, cities, parks, and 20% to private sector corporations, real estate developers and private organizations.

Over twenty-four of the nation's leading universities and commercial entities such as; Shell Oil Corporate headquarters (Houston TX), Florida International University (FIU), Michigan State University (MSU), Bowie State University (BSU), Canada Lands Company, and the City of Orlando Florida have supported SolGreen by installing multiple SolGreen Evoida Solar Power workstations on their campus/sites since 2013. The world-renowned United Nations Headquarters (NYC) has ordered SolGreen Evoida Solar Power Table & Workstations to be delivered by Fall 2020. (See accompanying SolGreen Solar Table press release.)

Other upcoming solar workstation projects include collaborations with the Trust for Public Land and SKANSKA.

SolGreen Evoida solar power workstation dominates as the only commercially available technology of its kind that meets national safety codes and is fully tested and immediately available for commercial usage. SolGreen is manufacturing the new Solar Power Workstations with an automated elastic manufacturing process based in Phoenix, Arizona and California. This process currently produces four systems every week and is capable of producing four units per day, therefore meeting what is expected to be a large demand for this first-of-its-kind grid-free technology.

Support from Leading Industry

“We are enthusiastic about SolGreen solar workstations and the opportunity to showcase world- class innovative climate solutions at the UN Headquarters.” -- Kerry Constable; Lead Climate and Development Advisor, United Nations Executive Office of the Secretary-General.

"There's no doubt SolGreen has a winner with this product. The market has been waiting for this combination of technology, ease of operation and price." -- Aaron Goldberg; International Data Corp.

“We were very satisfied with the SolGreen product and hope to expand more of them across the City of Orlando.” -- Christopher Castro; Director of Sustainability & Resilience, City of Orlando Board of Directors, U.S. Green building Council.

“Canada Lands Company welcomed Evoida Solar Workstations to the Calgary Community and have received rave reviews as well as used by many who appreciate its comfort and convenience.” -- Kelin Whalen Executive Director of Real Estate

Unmatched Quality Engineering of the Evoida Solar Table

SolGreen's Evodia custom fiberglass canopy offers 100% shade from the sun and weather, allowing users to comfortably sit outside protected from the sun's rays for any duration. The custom canopy is available in a multitude of colors also shields users from the solar panel EMT radiation from the solar panel. The Evodia steel structure frame weighs 1,100 pounds and the powder-coated steel is textured for anti-graffiti and mold resistant steel finishing. Also, the Evodia's seats are finished with a textured mold and graffiti resistant coating available in multiple color options. The brains of the SolGreen Evodia are fully fabricated with on/off switches and housed in a custom steel chamber box under the table and hoisted three feet above the ground surface. This allows for ample legroom and protection of the valuable electronics from flood zone and water damage during heavy rains and storms. SolGreen's Evodia Solar Workstation is anchored to a concrete platform with twelve (12) concrete anchor bolts and may be detached and relocated throughout its lifetime.

"Not only is the SolGreen Evoida solar workstation a beautiful aesthetically pleasing and contemporary sight to see that immediately draws the attention and desire to use with its simplification, but it also serves as a safe haven during heavy downpours. "If I were ever in a major power outage due to a natural disaster, I would find much comfort under the steel structure and fiberglass of an Evodia," said Portis. Evoida offers energy independence and a sheltered refuge for ideas and relationships to be formed.

Sales and Service

SolGreen estimates that initially 75% of Evodia sales will be made through direct channels, with contracted sales representatives making up the remainder 25%. The SolGreen Evodia will be sold through SolGreen's authorized sales representatives, agents worldwide and direct inquiries through their website at

SolGreen is also in the process of building strong distribution channels and partnerships to strengthen their international sales in the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East.

The Evodia was designed from the start to be built as ordered, allowing SolGreen to grow economically conscious with minimal overhead. SolGreen is outfitted to scale up production to meet the anticipated high demand for clean energy.

To that end, SolGreen is manufacturing the product with contracted manufacturers across Arizona and California. Under terms of a "zero-waste" practice, Solgreen's component suppliers will only build units as ordered. Their suppliers will also quality test parts according to SolGreen's specifications and engineering requirements before delivery to the Evodia factory. At the Evodia factory, SolGreen handles their final quality assurance testing before delivery to the customer.

Installation and service for the Evodia includes a personal customer hand-off with their onsite demonstration of the working Evodia Solar Power Table and Workstation.

Each unit is quality tested, inspected onsite, and undergoes a detailed quality check while being presented to the customer on the delivery date. Each Evodia comes with a SolGreen manufacturing workmanship guarantee of steel, fiberglass, and wiring to last 15- 20 years under normal conditions. SolGreen also offers upgraded full-service warranties ranging from 5-7 years.


The retail Evodia is reasonably priced at $23,699 and comes with a 15-year manufacturer guarantee, two-year full-service warranty with optional paid 5-7 year service, and their onsite professional installation assistance.

A host of next-generation net zero technologies and services will become available over the upcoming months and years as they are being developed by SolGreen.

Early Stage Investment opportunities

SolGreen® is the first and only Black-owned and operated company to develop and bring to market, first of its kind commercial grade clean technologies and products that are fielded and seated for commercial usage across the US and Canada. SolGreen is utilizing the US Jobs Act of 2012 and will raise up to 5M in crowdfunding revenue via their first investment Series A round launched in 2020. Serious investors are encouraged to visit or email

SolGreen Evodia Solar Power workstation cost $23,699 Estimated Shipping Per Unit: $2,500.

Onsite Installation assistance, US: FREE

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