Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Powerful New Book Empowers Black Children

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 Nationwide -- Those are some elements that readers will experience as they dive into We Are Our Ancestors' Keepers, a Common Core State Standards (CCSS) curriculum for children K-12. Follow the journey of Melanated African royalty who have made the world a better place. Starting from Africa and spreading worldwide, our leaders range from Imhotep to Oprah.

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These are the revitalizing stories of heroes and she-roes that have contributed greatly to our society and paved the way for all of humanity to thrive and soar to new heights.

This book captivates readers by providing them with a visual or mental movie of the difficult voyages many African leaders and members of the Diaspora, such as African-Americans, undertook, for the well being of mankind. 
It's exhilarating and empowering because it allows readers to see themselves inside of those who have laid the solid foundation for their future successes. It promotes cultural awareness because it features legendary achievers whose exemplary characteristics influenced our history.

It ignites the hearts of young readers by passing them the torch and encouraging readers to continue the legacy of melanated innovators in order to make a profoundly positive impact in our society.

 Powerful New Book Empowers Black Children

Moreover, it allows young readers to see themselves in the images of great ones who have gone before them and to write their own narratives. By sharing their stories and how their incalculable contributions enriched humanity, readers can carry on the work that has been granted to them to continuously help grow others worldwide.

From their ventures in this book, readers will view themselves as remarkable achievers and change agents who could accomplish any aspirations they set for themselves.

We Are Our Ancestors' Keepers is a multi-generational text that will unquestionably touch and inspire the lives of every reader! #WeAreOurAncestorsKeepers

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We Are Our Ancestors' Keepers is also proud to launch their online store:

They have over 10 different products available to purchase: 1) hardback books, 2) paperback books, 3) e-books, 4) notebook, 5) poster, 6) t-shirts, 7) men's clothing, 8) women's clothing, 9) coffee mug, and 10) pillows.

Spreading pride of our ancestors and the current keepers of the culture, each member of your family will discover something that speaks to them! Wake up to your favorite ancestor in an exclusive poster. Take them with you in your favorite article of clothing. Whatever you select will exude pride that has no limits when it comes to educating the world about our rich history.

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