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Checkout Some Interesting Background Info On The Hip Hop Cartoon Sitcom The Boondocks

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The Boondocks An Urban Comic Sitcom

Written And Posted By Nzinga L. Austin

The Boondocks, was a TV show on Cartoon Network, but it used to come on late at night because it was an adult cartoon.  The TV logo for Cartoon Network, at night, the logo changes names to Adult Swim. On Adult Swim time frame of the Cartoon Network, The Boondocks is considered an American Sitcom.

The Characters Huey and Riley Freeman are both voiced by Regina King. Huey Freeman was named after this Black Panther named Huey P. Newton, the iconic almost legendary leader of the Black Panther Party?

Huey (left) And Riley Freeman (right) characters from The Boondocks

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Tom Witherspoon Is the Voice Of  Grandpa Freeman
Aaron McGruder, is the creator of this show.  Before The Boondocks, was a TV show on Adult Swim, it was a comic book that he created in February 8, 1996.   He stopped making those comics in March 26, 2006. The TV show first Aired in November 6, 2005 and their last aired show was June 23,2014.

Regina King Voices of
Huey and Riley Freeman
People asked "how come Huey and Riley Freeman are angry all the time?" Well it's because there parents where in some sort of accident and they used to live in the Southside of Chicago and then moved to the exclusive suburb of Woodcrest, with their Grand Father, on their father's side.  His name is Robert Jebediah Freeman, voiced by comedian John Witherspoon, and he is their legal guardian.  They moved from the inner city many people feel was the Southside of Chicago, to a suburb and therefore the cartoon is named the Boondocks. 

Revolutionary Huey is 10 years of age and his younger brother Riley is a couple of years younger than him and they are considered to be products of contemporary rap culture.
After the family moved from Chicago's South Side to the safety of suburban Woodcrest aka the boondocks Robert Freeman, hopes to ignore his grandchildren and enjoy his golden years in peace and quiet. But the boys Huey and Riley have different plans, hurting each other and provoking others in the neighborhood.

No matter how wild and crazy they get, Huey and Riley are no match for the eccentric elderly man which is their Grandpa.
The reason why it's not on TV anymore is because the show revealed (via press release from Adult Swim Channel) that The Boondocks show would have a fourth and final season.  Probably the ratings of the show began to fad.  However, it was also revealed that the fourth season would also take place without the involvement of the series creator Aaron McGruder, in March 21, 2014.

Posted by community events coordinator, Nzinga Lonstein Austin, is a prolific blogger who writes on the entertainment industry and issues for people with developmental and physical challenges.

She is presently in high school looking to have a career in video, film, and media. You can see more of her entertainment writing on Lonstein Movies.


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