Monday, July 10, 2017

Woman Buys 100 Hats Then Decides to Buy the Whole Hat Factory For $100K

What do you do when you own 100 hats? You start your own hat business! That's what Georgiette Morgan-Thomas did when she bought the S & S Hat Company in Philadelphia in 2015. The hat manufacturer is now called American Hats.

Georgiette, who is also a local pastor, has always loved hats and wears them all the time. She was the proud owner of 100 hats when the opportunity arose for her to not just wear hats, but make them. So, she invested more than $100K and bought the business. As the previous owner did, she continues to manufacture hats for both women and men, using only the finest materials.

Since she began, she has been able to increase her business by 40 percent. Last year alone, she sold over 3,000 hats, ranging from $90 to almost $400 each. That says a lot about this entrepreneur who took over the lone surviving millinery in Philadelphia. She is very much involved in the business and has a flair for fashion.

What's next?

Georgiette says she eventually wants to open a second factory in Harlem, New York. She would also like to teach others how to make hats by offering students the opportunity to intern at her factory.

She explains, "I want young people to learn this art. It went away, but now it’s coming back. I’m glad because I just don’t feel comfortable without my hat.”

She continues, “It gives a woman good posture. When something is on your head, you hold your head up straight.”

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