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Discover The 7 Secrets Of SUPER Successful Southeast Queens Businesses

Digital Menu At Farmer's Pizza

By Kamau Austin. I stumbled into a local pizzeria, not far from my house, Farmer's Pizza years ago in Southeast Queens, looking for something to eat.  What I liked about this small unassuming place was in addition to having fancy pizzas it also had hearty and healthy salads and other food offerings.  I'm trying to watch my weight, and stay healthy so I watch what I eat.

I'm keeping my salt, carbs, and sugar intake to a minimum.  So this pizzeria is a nice place in town to order some healthier food choices.  So I approached the owner about my Internet marketing services.

I found out this restaurant owner had 2 restaurants with each making 100 deliveries a day. His average delivery is like $15.  So each restaurant made about $1500 a day or $3000 for both eateries a day.  In other words this local restaurant owner, of Latino descent, was doing over a million a year just with deliveries!  You do the math $3000 a day over 365 days a year = $1,095,000 (he stayed open 7 days).  And that income didn't include sit down orders or pickups.

I did some search engine research for this pizzeria owner, using my Google Adwords marketing account and found out that 70,000 people a month were searching for pizza in Southeast Queens.  We did some Google marketing for his pizzeria and were able to increase his deliveries even more from 200 a day between the two restaurants to 400 to 500 deliveries a day (an increase of 1.3 million dollars within two years). Contact me if you'd like a business assessment to see if your business can have similar results Click Here

My point is there are businesses in Southeast Queens that on the outside may look marginal but are doing impressive business sales numbers.  And a number of these businesses are run by Blacks or Latinos.

For many people, outside of the shopping centers on Jamaica Avenue, the picture of successful businesses doesn't come to mind.  So it may sound ironic that I am writing an article on Super Successful Southeast Queens Businesses. More after the following business offers...

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Ed and Adriana Jackson of Jackson Tax Services
Since in addition to being the Publisher of the Southeast Queens Scoop, which is a new endeavor, I've also worked in Internet Marketing for many years. In short, I notice similar characteristics of successful small business people that I want to share with you just in case you have aspirations (or know someone who does) to be in business one day.  Even if you want to support a business endeavor in our area this article may help you know what to look for in a company.

Given my work in online marketing I inadvertently have ended up working very closely usually with millionaires. Most of the people who have invested in my services over the years on the low end have been businesses doing $250,000 and on the high end 20 million dollars.

Most usually are earning about $2 million to $4 million dollars. I've helped small and entrepreneurs of color generate well over 50 million dollars with digital marketing. This is why I can say with certainty these are some of characteristics I noticed with successful entrepreneurs in the area.

If you own a business and want to expand it to million dollar status in Southeast Queens you'd be wise to read this article. It is very revealing. I've also noticed similar things in successful businesses outside Southeast Queens area.

1. Go into Businesses that Everyone Needs or Is In High Demand - Super Successful Southeast Queens Businesses tend to be in businesses most people need or are very much demand.  They are in businesses like real estate, restaurants or food service, taxes and accounting, hair care and similar foods.  These are in demand because everyone needs a place to live, something to eat, most need their taxes prepared and their hair styled. 

2. Have Excellent Customer Service - The Super Successful Southeast Queens excel and understand good customer service.  The old adage goes "the customer is always right" may not be an absolute axion with these businesses.  But they do everything they can to please the customer.

Needless to say these business owners don't cuss out unruly customers or punch them out. They open up business a little early and do things in a timely fashion.  They also don't allow crude or inhospitable employees or family workers to be rude to customers.  They solve complaints in an amicable manner.  They give refunds or discounts to make amends for mistakes and complaints.  Also they respond to complaints on Google and Yelp reviews in a very fast and responsive fashion.  It is essential to manage complaints on Google or Yelp reviews ASAP in today's digital age.      

3. Are Very Bottomline Focused - Super Successful companies in our area watch their sales and expenses to ensure they are making profits.  They strongly keep tabs on their bottom-line. They make sure that most things they invest in yields a positive return on their money spent.

If something they invest in doesn't show a return they don't continue to invest in it.  They watch their dollars and tend to be very frugal.  They watch their bottomline and don't waste their hard earned money even if they can afford to splurge.

4. Have Multiple Streams of Income - Simply put these successful businesses in our area diversify their income.  Once they build good income and revenue they diversify in different ways.  They may do things like:
Vibe Restaurant

A. Create Another Location - in a neighboring community so they may for instance have a locations in St. Albans, Springfield Gardens, and Hollis or other neighboring communities.

B. Invest in real estate -  especially buy the real estate where they have some of their businesses or operations.  They take control of their businesses' destiny by becoming their own landlord and owning the place where their operations function.  Smart move.

C. They move into synergistic or complementary businesses -  A business owner may do some vacation rentals of their property, a catering hall may do brunches on the weekends or jazz functions during the week.  They may rent our space for business events to other organizations or people in the community.  In short they take dormant or underutilized assets and monetize them.

5. Comfortable Delegating -  A business owner can only go so far trying to do everything themselves.  Some people become business owners and may also become control freaks. It is hard for them to let go of the reigns of power and functionality.  They may tend to micromanage especially if they are a newbie to business.

Successful entrepreneurs in our area don't try to be the smartest person in the room.  They understand they have to delegate tasks and responsibility to others and create a staff and team.  A business can only grow so far and do so much if the owner is doing all of or most of the work.

A one person operation can only do so much and only be but so successful. Successful entrepreneurs in our area hirer staff, contractors, and consultants to fill in knowledge gaps and handle specific tasks so their time is freed up to focus on growing or expanding the business.  Delegating tasks ensures the owner is more free to focus on the most essential elements of the business - growing and making the company more profitable.

6. Make Faith, Family, and Community Priorities - super successful entrepreneurs in Southeast Queens aren't just about the money.  Many have faith in God or a higher power. A good number are involved in communities of faith in our area.

This faith inspires them to overcome the considerable day to day challenges of running an emerging business.  Running a business takes faith.  Their faith helps them overcome adversity.

These business leaders tend not to be just concerned with personal gain.  They give back to the community and are very compassionate to others who are less fortunate.  I've seen them give a helping hand to others in the community and support neighborhood programs.

They put family first and also look to build multi-generational wealth.  They groom their children to take over the business in some capacity.  In short they don't leave the future of their business to chance.  They prepare the next generation to take over the business. 

7. Embrace Technology and The Media - Lastly the Super Successful Businesses of Southeast Queens use digital technology and Internet to their advantage.  Even if the businesses are considered a low tech business these business owners embrace technology and that's why my local marketing services resonates with them.
Publisher Kamau Austin

Technology is used throughout their businesses to make them more efficient and effective.  A tax firm is able to send info to the IRS in real time.  A restaurant uses things like sophisticated point of sale software and digital tablets.  These firms understand that 50% to in many cases 85% and more of people who come to their websites or blogs do so on mobile devices.

They also do e-commerce, have various sites and blogs optimized to get good listings on Google and Bing.  Also they may integrate with successful 3rd party online processing firms for web orders.

They link their various offices or branches with dedicated lines. They use advanced and personalized email platforms and lead capture funnel systems to build their customer databases.

A customer database easily accessible and integrated with email is one of the most important assets to a business these days.  Remember a customer database is really the most essential tool a company has as a tool.

For instance if a company's building (God forbid) burnt down, or the landlord hiked up the rent to stratospheric levels and they needed to move, if they can contact their customers and keep in touch with them they'd still be in business. Digital technology savvy is crucial to Southeast Queens entrepreneurs.      

Basically these business owners aren't afraid to try new technologies which could positively impact their companies.  They are willing to try new technologies and if they work well -  integrate them into their operations.  If not they scrap them.

But they are willing to at least try new technologies unlike some businesses owners who are very leery of changes to their ways of doing business.  These 7 Secrets of SUPER Successful Southeast Queens businesses make them truly standout operations.

Kamau Austin, is the publisher of the Southeast Queens Scoop. Contact him about local business marketing opportunities or advertising at 973-298-6148.

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