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Get The Scoop On How Phil Andrews RISES To Be One Of Long Island's Most Acclaimed Community Business Leaders

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Phil Andrews Rises From
Humble Beginnings To
Spear Head Empowering
Business Development in NY
Phil Andrews SBA Award Winner (left) 100 Black Men Eastern NY (Right)

Phil Andrews, is a highly acclaimed Long Island and New York business leader on a mission critical to UPlift area Black businesses.  Awards and accolades however weren't always on the resume or bio of the driven Andrews.

Andrews, came from humble beginnings in the Marcy Projects of Brooklyn, NY.  He overcame many challenges during his life.  Phil is also a veteran.

Phil has risen to run business and community organizations that make a difference in New York.  He is considered one of the most influential leaders on Long Island, New York, winning countless awards with an impressive number of community and business organizations.

I convinced the prolific business and community leader, with deep faith roots, to do an Interview with me.  I wanted to learn more about what puts a fire in him for empowering community work.


Article On The Exclusive Interview With Community & Business Leader Phil Andrews Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Article On The
Exclusive Interview With
Community & Business Leader
Phil Andrews
Continues Below...
Phil Andrews Winning One Of His Many Leadership Awards

Kamau's Question: Phil, can you tell me a little about your background? Phil's Answer: I was born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York, and lived in Marcy Housing Development.  I attended Brooklyn Technical High School, obtained a paralegal diploma at International Career Institute. I attended York College and John Jay College. At the age of 21 I enlisted in the United States Naval Reserves and was a Yeoman in the Navy. A Yeoman does administrative work for officers in the navy; after 6 years in the Navy, I switched to the Army Reserves for one year as a Military Policemen. At the age of 21 I became a N.Y.C. Correction Officer at the Department of Correction.  During my twenties while a correction officer me and three other co-workers started the Haircut Hut Barbershop Franchise.

Kamau's Question: Who or what inspired you to take the leap of faith and go into business?

Phil's Answer: At the age of 21 during my time in the Navy I was taking management courses for extra points to have good years point wise in the navy.  During this time, I was also reading books and pamphlets which were produced by the American Management Association with topics such as how to build a world class company, and how a company could be losing millions then rebound to make millions.

Kamau's Question: What type of business do you run now?

Phil's Answer: Right now, I am on the advisory board of a family-owned business that helps church to restructure and replant their churches.  I am the current president of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce (LIAACC), and I still love a challenge of building and growing businesses.  Finding the right opportunity where money can be made at the right time is important opportunities are abundant if we pay attention.

Kamau's Question: Why did you decide to become a tireless advocate and proponent of Black Business in our area?

Phil's Answer: Leadership was not a new concept; as I was introduced to leadership by my Aunt Frances Virginia Young, who served as the paster for Grace Gospel Tabernacle during my youth.  To help others grow and develop one must constantly develop yourself.  I enjoy working with people and the challenges and opportunities that are presented as an advocated for Black Businesses.

Kamau's Question:  What made you decide to not only spearhead the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce (LIAACC), but in addition why did you also start 100 Black Men Eastern NY and the African American Small Business Foundation Inc? Phil's Answer: I am a builder. Different organizations have different missions and each space that we focus on has a laser-focused mission.

Kamau's Question:  Can you give us a quick overview of your purposes and goals of these 3 organizations?

Phil's Answer: The chamber of commerce is set up to help small business grow and bring resources to small business owners, the 100 Black Men gives a voice to Black Men and focuses on the areas on mentoring, economic empowerment, education, health and wellness and leadership development. The African American Small Business Foundation, Inc. was established to support the programs and activities of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.  The foundation is a 501c 3 non-for-profit organization.

Kamau's Question: How important do you think the importance of Black Media is to our community?

Phil's Answer: Black Media is very important to the Black Community.  Long before I was in larger media our local media in the black community covered my work for many years.  I am indebted to Black Media.  Many stories in the Black Media are picked up by larger media and some of these stories are ground-breaking stories.

Kamau's Question: How do you feel the Black media and Black Business works together to join forces for economic advancement and empowerment?

Phil's Answer: Black businesses must find a way to advertise in Black Media, and tell their stories in Black Media Outlets.  A mutually beneficial working relationship will benefit both parties.  We can grow the influence of black media and economic strength of black media by working together.

Kamau's Question: Can you tell us about some of your goals and plans for the future of your business associations?

Phil's Answer: My goal is to bring local black chambers together in New York State together and form an association of chambers in New York State.  You hear it all the time that there is strength in numbers. It does not mean anything if we say there is strength in numbers and we don’t come to together.  In our space, in our time, we can and must make a difference!

Kamau: What is the best way to contact you and find out more about the business organizations you spearhead run in NYC? Phil's Answer: The best you can contact me is to visit: or to email me at

Andrews Inducted into The Long Island Business News (LIBN) Hall of Fame 2021

Checkout Phil's Interview On
ABC Channel 7's 
Here And Now TV Program
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