Friday, January 7, 2022

Should Southeast Queens Go SOLAR? Exclusive Interview With Solar Energy Benefits Expert Dale Davids

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Dale Davids Explains The Benefits Of Solar Energy For Southeast Queens Homeowners In This Exclusive Interview

Dale Davids is on a mission to help homeowners in Southeast Queens, Long Island, and New York.  The insightful entrepreneur sees the light on how solar powered homes can benefit homeowners and all residents in our area.

People have heard about solar energy but the public still seems to be a little confused on how it can help them.  Davids has an impressive background in real estate, insurance, and now how solar energy can benefit Southeast Queens residents.

But first why don't we look to dispel some of the myths about solar energy.  Checkout the video below that Dale recommends can clear up some misconceptions about solar power.

Exclusive Interview with Solar Energy Expert Dale Davids Continues After Sponsor's Messages Below...

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Exclusive Interview with Solar Energy Expert Dale Davids Continues Below...
SE Queens Scoop Publisher Kamau Austin (Left) | Solar Entrepreneur Dale Davids (Right)

Kamau: Can you tell us a little about your background and life growing up in Southeast Queens and New York?

Dale Davids: I have lived and worked in Southeast Queens for over 20 years and earned my college degree at Devey University when they were located in Long Island City. I am a solar dealer and licensed insurance and real estate broker in the state of New York.

My office is in Saint Albans, at the corner of Linden and Francis Lewis Blvds; co-located with the Law Office of Andrea Gross. 

Kamau:  What inspired you to go into your present business?

Dale Davids:  I was inspired to get into solar because:
  • It has so much potential in changing how we consume energy
  • Saves the homeowner money and
  • Solar also helps the environment
Plus state and city governments are offering many incentives for homeowners to go solar.

Kamau: What is the name and services you offer in your business?

Dale Davids: Rooftop solar, property, and casualty Insurance

Kamau: How will your services and products help residents in our area?
Dale Davids:
  • Save money on their electric bill,
  • Offer homeowners a state tax credit of up to $5000,
  • Get a New York City property tax abatement of 20% over a 4 year period and...
  • There are also Federal tax credits available
We also offer affordable top rated insurance for homes and businesses

Kamau:  What is the uniqueness in your business in contrast to similar businesses in the area?

Dale Davids: My office is local and I also live in the area. You can even stop by and talk with me.

I have direct access to top rated solar and insurance companies that offer quality affordable services for homeowners. Most dealers and brokers are based outside of state and are not easily accessible locally.

Kamau: Can you tell us about some of your goals and plans for the future of your business?

Dale Davids: Be a top rated Solar Dealer in the South East Queens Area and the state of New York.  Moreover, to also be a top rated insurance broker in the South East Queens area and the state of New York. 

Kamau: What is the best way to contact you?

Dale Davids
Schedule Meeting with Dale 
718 Consulting Inc
205-47 Linden Blvd Saint Albans NY 11412
Office: 347-709-8686

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