Monday, February 24, 2020

See How WIBO Offers Profitable Business Training In Queens For Decades

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Workshop in Business Opportunities, Inc. (WIBO) Ramps UP It’s Spring Season For Its 54th Year Training Business Owners To Run Profitable Companies In Queens 

Workshop in Business Opportunities, Inc. (WIBO) continues its Spring season of the 54th year of teaching their 16 weeks “How to Build a Growing Profitable Business” at Rochdale Village Community Center in Rochdale Village.

New York, NY, February 4th, 2020 -- Beginning Monday, February 24th, Rochdale Village Community Center, Workshop in Business Opportunities also referred to as WIBO, will launch their Spring season of their 54th year of workshops in NYC, teaching new and existing entrepreneurs how to build profitable, successful businesses in 5 New York City locations including in Rochdale, Queens.

WIBO helps individuals who want to build profitable businesses to provide for themselves and their families via their business. This often applies to:

  • women
  • individuals recently released from prisons
  • individuals from communities that lack access to knowledge, networks, and capital and
  • African Americans and Latinos trying to close the historic wealth gap.
Please Note: WIBO Works Info Continues After Video Testimonial Below

Build Your Business With New York's Enlightening "Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO)," Rebooting In Rochdale Village, Queens!

Starting or growing a business is something that many people struggle with and this entrepreneurial workshop helps individuals overcome various obstacles as well as guide them to a successful path in starting or growing an existing business.

Workshop in Business Opportunities was developed in 1966 by Walter Geier and Mal Woolfolk to enable small business owners from underserved communities obtain financial success by starting, operating, and building successful businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs and improve communities.

Since the 1st workshop that graduated 12 African Americans in Harlem, WIBO has graduated more than 18,000 entrepreneurs where 75% of WIBO grad’s businesses were up and running within a year of taking the program, and 42% of businesses saw an increase in revenue after taking the WIBO program.  Some WIBO graduates are running their businesses for more than 25 years, a testament to how valuable the WIBO workshop is for its participants. 

The New York workshops are taught in:
  • Harlem (where WIBO began)
  • lower Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens and
  • Bronx communities.

Some of the business building topics that entrepreneurs will experience during this 16-week course include:

  • how to conduct market research to identify ideal customers
  • promoting the business
  • making a profit
  • creating a pricing strategy and...

...other actionable and detailed steps that are excellent for a new or startup business. 

This semester new WIBO participants will take part in a new groundbreaking online course created as part of WIBO’s new Entrepreneur Mindset Program (EMP). WIBO’s EMP was developed to assist new entrepreneurs with developing the personal development skills and thinking needed to be successful in business.

The online course titled Training for Entrepreneur Success will lay the foundation for WIBO participants to grow successful companies by helping them enhance their strengths, identify and work on the habits that can negatively prevent them from being successful.

There is a cost associated with the workshops. However, WIBO offer scholarships to people who are earning less than $50,000, veterans, NYCHA residents, and individuals who have been recently incarcerated.

You can begin registering now for the workshop and can do so by going online to register at: or call 646-400-0566.

Space is limited for the workshops so, if you’ve found your life’s passion, and want to create a thriving business doing what you love; then the WIBO 16-week workshop is for you, be sure to act fast!  Go to:

The WIBO Workshop in Rochdale Village, Queens, begins on Wednesday September 18, 2019 from 6:30 - 9:30 PM. Workshops are once a week on Wednesdays for 16 weeks.  For more information and registration visit: WIBO Works

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