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Discover Why This Family Doctor Releases An Insightful New Self-Help Guide For Teen Girls

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Atlanta, GA After meeting hundreds of African-American, Latina and Asian teenage girls throughout her career, author Dr. Kela Henry was compelled to write a book for teen girls that emphasizes the importance of decisions. Told in narrative form, Nia & The Numbers Game: A Teenager's Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex (published by BTH Creations LLC and Lulu) is a new user-friendly guide for adolescent girls that helps them to learn about the changes occurring in their bodies and how to best navigate the circumstances of their teenage years.

Readers follow Nia (Swahili for purpose), a typical African-American girl, on her life’s journey. From changes in her body, to the joy of first love, to the pressures to have sex and on top of all that, applying to college, the book explains to readers how everyday choices directly impacts one's future. Although Nia makes mistakes along the way, Dr. Henry stresses the importance in how Nia considers and thinks about her actions rather than acting impulsively.

Real experiences shape the snapshots into Nia's life, which act as catalysts for frank discussions about important topics like STDs, pregnancy and trust. Henry follows most of the chapters with a "Let's Talk" section, during which her professional and reassuring voice explains the full context of complex situations and provides facts, medical information and advice.

Article, Video, and Q&A On Dr. Kela Henry's "Nia & The Numbers Game" Continues After Sponsor's Message Below...

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Article On Dr. Kela Henry's "Nia & The Numbers Game" Continues Below...

Whether seeking guidance on strict parents, relationships or furthering education, young people will find this book a comforting friend to which they can turn for information, counsel and validation. "I want my readers to understand they don't have to compromise their core values in order to have a fulfilled life," says Henry. "I want young girls to be excited about reading the book and about their lives and all the potential and opportunities ahead. If I can do it, they can do it! It's about learning to push forward, no matter what."


Nia & the Numbers Game By Kela Henry, MD

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 204 pages | ISBN 9780999573600: $13.99

E-Book | 204 pages | ISBN 9780999573617: $8.99

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 204 pages | ISBN 9780999573631: $26.99
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and BTH Creations LLC

Our Q&A With Dr. Kela Henry

In order to get more clarity about her background, goals, and the purpose for her writing the book we asked Dr. Henry the following questions...

Kamau Austin: What inspired you to pursue the medical field?

Dr. Henry: As cliché as this may sound, I chose the medical field because I knew I wanted to help people.  When I started college, I actually wasn’t very sure what I wanted to do.  After reading my personal statement, my advisor told me to take Biology 101, which I did.  

Well, every student in the class was an aspiring physician.  It was like positive pressure.  I thought to myself, well if they can become doctors, so can I!

Kamau Austin: Who were your leading role models growing up?

Dr. Henry: My maternal grandmother, hands down, was my role model.  I did not have to look outside my family for that.

Kamau Austin: What were some of your greatest obstacles in life and how did you overcome them?

Dr. Henry: I would say two of my greatest obstacles were my parents’ divorce and my father’s death.  Those events rocked my world at the time.

Although my parents handled their divorce fairly well, in retrospect, I absolutely hated that they split up.  My sister and I even tried little manipulations to try and get them back together.

My father’s passing three years ago crushed me because we were very close.  Recovery from both of those losses was similar for me actually.  I overcame by keeping close with supportive family and friends and challenging myself to think about the loss in a different way.
What I mean by that is this: as opposed to just focusing on the negative aspect of being upset or sad about the loss, I shifted my thinking to what I was grateful for.  With my parents’ divorce, I began to appreciate that I had this other house to go to, and weekends full of just Daddy-daughters time.

When Daddy died, I had to shift my thinking to appreciate that I had the most wonderful father in the world, whereas there are millions of people who long for the kind of close relationship I had with him.  I also realized I could not be selfish.  My father had been fighting his cancer for years, and it was time to let him go to be at peace. 

Kamau Austin: Why is making good decisions the theme of your book?

Dr. Henry: Making good decisions is a theme of NATNG (Nia & The Numbers Game) because I want the readers to know they really do have a large degree of control over how their lives turn out.  They do not have to meander aimlessly, letting life “happen” to them.  

Instead, they can think about the possible outcomes of decisions they are considering, weigh the pros and cons, and take the appropriate action.  They can observe the choices others in their circles and peer groups have made, and see the results.

About the Author:

Dr. Kela Henry graduated from the Medical College of Pennsylvania-Hahnemann School of Medicine in 1999 before returning to her home state of Georgia and completing her residency program at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta. She specializes in family medicine and runs a successful practice in the metro Atlanta area, which is part of the Emory Healthcare System.

Dr. Henry is an advocate for all teenage girls with a focus on the African American, Latina and Asian communities. Visit her online at and for more about the book including excerpts and to purchase Nia & The Numbers Game: A Teenager's Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex, visit:

More useful information:
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