Wednesday, June 27, 2018

See How This Southeast Queens Natural Food Innovator Is Jarring The Meal Delivery Business

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Who Knew Eating Meals In A
Jar Could Be So Delightful?

"Jars Of Delight," Owner Dianna Rose
By Kamau Austin

Dianna Rose is on a mission.  She is looking to bring nutritious foods to our community in Southeast Queens, and also spread healthier food options throughout the US.

Dianna has entered the increasingly popular food delivery or meal-kit industry which is projected to grow to a few billion in yearly sales just in the US within the next few years.  There are meal kit services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh being funded on the stock market for hundreds of millions of dollars according to the Washington Post.  Even Amazon is entering the market with its purchase of Whole Foods.

However Ms. Rose, who studied public health in college, has been driven to enter the market more so help her community have an easier way to enjoy healthy foods. Rose, feels "the problem of having healthy and nutritious food in this area has been a problem for a long time."  Therefore, she is determined to make an impact providing healthier food choices even considering exploring the possibilities of subsidies to help market some of her high quality prepared foods.

Being concerned about the quality of food in our community has been a lifelong passion and now business for Ms. Rose.  Dianna is the latest powerful link in a chain of multigenerational entrepreneurs in her family.  She
, is the owner of the natural and artisan organic meal prep mail order food business - Jars Of Delight.

Dianna, an assertive entrepreneur, is of Jamaica, West Indies, descent.  She is a mom of two young sons, one of whom one is already a business stand out as a pre-teen

Ms. Rose started her food preparation and delivery business about a year ago.  However, it has grown fast enough to provide a full time income for her so she could leave her full time job.  Dianna considers herself blessed to make a real go of her business in such a short period of time.

I asked Dianna what was the secret to her business startup success? You can discover them after the sponsor's message below...

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Article On Jars Of Delight And
Ms. Dianna Rose Continues Below...
Ms. Dianna Rose, Owner Of Jars Of Delight is a Long Time Southeast Queens Resident
She alluded to her ability to promote her food service and provide her products for ambitious projects and marketing platforms.  She has reached out to established event planners, business institutions, and established marketing platforms to do deals and collaborations.

She explained that "she didn't intend to go into the meal prep mail order business."  She first started sharing her organic food at catering events and online on social media.

To her delight she started to cook up business with people asking her to buy her organic food products on a regular basis.  She had to create a system to prep the food in healthy ways without harmful ingredients.

She uses marinating to give her foods more flavor without heavy handed salt or sugar.  She vacuum packs her meals in jars for freshness and healthier packaging.

She further broke down her R.E.C.I.P.E. for Success:

R - research
E - expertise
C - caution
I - innovation
P - patents, Trademarks & Incorp.
E - execution

She also mentioned not expecting family or loved ones to support you initially much.  Rose also pointed out to avoid distractions that can waste your time like negative conversations and gossip.  Dianna exclaimed that as an entrepreneur you don't have time to waste with negative and idle chatter.  "Broke folks are the ones who have time or waste time talking negative about others" she shared.

She also reflected on how helping her 9-year old son Chae, a celebrated author of 3 books and an international speaker, inspired her to start her own business.  Her faith in God also is a big part of her taking a chance on leaving her job to launch her own business.

Rose is always ready to promote her products.  Her products are healthy, packed with fruits and vegetables, and savory.  Rose's products, featuring safe minimal packaging and nutritionally packed foods, are a much needed and welcome product in our community. To reach Dianna Rose or Jars Of Delight click here

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